Ellen: Miley Cyrus Bachelorette & Jackson Rathbone Baby Boy Present


Ellen DeGeneres July 5 2013 Recap

On July 5 2013, Ellen has the teen idol turned revolutionary, Miley Cyrus. She’s talking about her new haircut and what sparked the drastic change. Also, from Twilight, Jackson Rathbone and Maggie Grace.

Ellen: Miley Cyrus Bachelorette & Jackson Rathbone Baby Boy Present

Ellen July 5 2013 featured Twilight star Jackson Rathbone talking about his love of country music and Miley Cyrus sharing her thoughts on hair. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen With Miley Cyrus’ Haircut, Stocking Stuffers & Amy Speaks Song Lyrics

Amy’s back to her old pranks again. She spoke song lyrics to some unsuspecting bystanders. They were either confused or played along without even realizing it. Also, Ellen gave herself a virtual makeover with Miley Cyrus’ blonde boy cut. Ellen said she loves the new look on Miley, but she’ll leave the hair trendsetting to Miss Cyrus. Plus, find out how you can stock up on Ellen products here:

Ellen For President in 2016, Miley Cyrus Haircut & Amys Lyrical Pranks

Ellen Throws Miley Cyrus a Bachelorette Party & Two and a Half Men Role

Hannah Montana has a new ‘do and no one will recognize her now. Miley Cyrus chopped all of her brown hair off and dyed it platinum blonde. She told Ellen about her fiance Liam Hemsworth and his island paradise in Australia. No doubt Ellen was impressed by Miley’s PETA and animal conservation efforts. Get the whole interview here:


Ellen Miley Cyrus Votes, Surprise Bachelorette Party & New Sitcom Role

Ellen: Jackson Rathbone New Baby & Maggie Grace Twilight Role

Jackson Rathbone and Maggie Grace shared the details of filming the latest Twilight film with Ellen and her fans. Rathbone was given a special present for his newborn son. Find out why Ellen’s gift was special here:

Ellen: Maggie Grace & Jackson Rathbone in Twilight & Baby Cowboy Hats

Ellen: Faile Family Wins $25,000 with Cash At You Door Game

Ellen brought trivia and cash to the Faile family. They are a military family that watch Ellen’s show everyday. They beasted the game and Ellen presented them with $25,000. See their reunion with their dad after 12 months of deployment here:

Ellen Playing Cash at Your Door With Faile Family, Giving Them $25,000


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