Ellen May 23, 2012 Recap | Will Smith & Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour


It was a very exciting program today on Ellen May 23, 2012, with special guests Will Smith and Justin Bieber.

Ellen: Clumbsy Thumbsy “I Lost Three Penises”

Ellen May 23 2012

Special guests Justin Bieber and Will Smith on Ellen May 23, 2012. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen celebrates all of the dancing that has taken place on her show by airing videos of audience members dancing onstage. Some are surprisingly good while others are hysterically bad. She also airs the latest installment of karaoke videos by Tony. Today he sang, or rather attempted to sing, “Sexy and I Know It.” Finally, she ended the segment with the latest installment of Clumsy Thumbsy, with an especially funny text about losing three penises. Read the full recap here: Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy “I Lost Three Penises” & Funny Audience Dances

Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber Movie?

Will Smith joined Ellen for the first time in four years to discuss his latest movie Men In Black 3. While there, he and Ellen also talked about Justin Bieber‘s friendship with Will‘s son Jaden. Will hinted that there may soon be a movie with both young stars in it! Will also took the time to tell Ellen about how Jaden asked President Obama whether aliens are real. Read the full recap here: Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber Movie Together? Ellen & Will Smith Talk

Justin Bieber’s New Tour Announcement

Justin Bieber joined Ellen once again. She congratulated him for making the cover of Forbes business magazine as the most powerful 18-year-old in the world. The two also discussed Justin’s relationship with Selena Gomez, his close friendship with Jaden Smith, and the car that he covered in chrome (his Chrome Fisker Karma). Then he Justin Bieber performed “Boyfriend,” the hit single from his upcoming album, Believe, due for release June 19. At the end of the segment, Ellen gave Justin a mock graduation ceremony in honor of his recently completing high school. And of course, Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour was announced!



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