Ellen May 21, 2012 Recap: Cat Deeley, Howie Mandel & Charisa Kelly


Monday’s episode of Ellen was packed with a game show, a segment of jokes, two celebrity interviews, and some one-on-one time with a troubled audience member.

Ellen: ‘Sorry Spin’ All-Stars

Ellen invited two previous audience members, Emily and Danielle, back to play to play ‘Sorry Spin.’ The game was an overgrown parody of the classic board game Sorry. Contestants had to run across spinning discs to try to move their four pawns from one side of the stage to another. The contestant who moved all four pawns the fastest was the winner. Danielle completed the task in 1 minute and 48 seconds. Emily finished in only 32 seconds. However, both were awarded free 32″ Samsung TVs.  Click on the following link to read the full recap: Ellen: Sorry Spin All-Stars & Free Samsung TV Giveaway


Ellen: Finding Nemo 3D

Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Ellen wishes her mother happy birthday and then tells a cheesy joke by crew member Phil and then threatened to fire him for how corny the joke was. She also aired a video montage of gags she played on celebrity guests and talked about the upcoming release of Finding Nemo 3D and aired the world premiere of the trailer.

Howie Mandel’s Hitler Fan Art

Howie Mandel came on the show talking to a plastic figurine he had on his shoulder. Then he discussed the new season of America’s Got Talent and what it’s like to be a judge with Howard Stern. Lastly, Howie shared fan art with Ellen.  Read more about this segment here: Ellen: Howie Mandel’s Fan Art Painting, Papier Mache & Germaphobia


Cat Deeley Plane Flight with The Hangover Monkey

Cat Deeley, producer of So You Think You Can Dance, talks about sharing a plane with the monkey from The Hangover: Part II and her experience covering Prince William‘s wedding.  Read the full recap at the following link: Ellen: Cat Deeley’s Airplane Flight with the Monkey from The Hangover.

Ellen Gave Charisa Kelly a Ford Mustang Car

Ellen shares the story of Charisa Kelly and gives her a free trip to Costa Rica and a free Ford Mustang GT.  Read more about Charisa here: Ellen: Charisa Kelly Ford Mustang Car Giveaway & Costa Rica Trip.


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