Ellen: Matthew Perry’s Jokes & Jennifer Love Hewitt Revealing Dress


Ellen DeGeneres June 14 2013 Recap

It was a special day for Ellen on June 14 2013. Matthew Perry came to co-host an epic hour of beautiful actresses and Olympic athletes. Jennifer Love Hewitt stopped by to talk about her show The Client List and Matthew Perry told his infamous polar bear joke. Also, what would Ryan Lochte do when Ellen wanted to show his assets off to the ladies? Show them off, of course! Then, Vin Diesel and Ellen had a tricycle race in the lot. Fun friday starts on Ellen!

Ellen: Matthew Perry’s Joke Hotline & Deo Perfume Candy Smells Like Flowers

Ellen: Matthew Perry's Jokes & Jennifer Love Hewitt Revealing Dress

Ellen DeGeneres June 14 2013. Ellen and Matthew Perry hosted a hilarious hour of jokes, music and revealing cleavage, thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt.Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com


Ellen found her new candy to avoid – Deo Perfume Candy. Ellen refused to eat any, but her DJ Tony was willing to ingest a few. Then, Matthew Perry made his co-hosting debut. While he is infamous on the show for telling horrible jokes, now he’s crashing the joke hotline. While most people found the joke strange, Perry made sure there were a few joke lovers on the line… namely himself.

Ellen: Deo Perfume Candy, Matthew Perry Co-Host & Joke Hotline Crashes

Ellen Here’s My Talent & Matthew Perry Tells Polar Bear Jokes

Matthew Perry had another joke for us. This one is about a polar bear with identity issues. It wasn’t his best joke, but it’s giggle worthy. I think I might be the only person that enjoys Matthew Perry’s jokes. Also, Ellen, Here’s My Talent heated up with a woman that can put coins in her neck. Ew.


Ellen: Matthew Perry Polar Bear Joke & Ellen, Here’s My Talent Review

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant & Roller Skating

Jennifer Love Hewitt came on a great day for Matthew Perry. Well, it was a little awkward. He dress and cleavage were exceptional.

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Directs The Client List & Has Peanut Joke

Ellen: Ryan Lochte Show on E! & See Through Shirt

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Well, of course, he’ll come on Ellen. Ellen gifted the new E! star and Olympic swimmer with a shirt that had a see through front. Thank you, Ellen.

Ellen: Michael Phelps in 2016 Olympics & What Would Ryan Lochte Do? 

Ellen: Vin Diesel’s Tricycle Race & Jackson Guthy “Everything You Do” Review

Jackson Guthy put on an elaborate show for Ellen. Harps, color changing floors, violins, and a disco ball? A little much for a simple song. Then, Vin Diesel and Ellen raced on trikes to show who could be more fast and more furious.

Ellen: Jackson Guthy Performs & Vin Diesel Helps Win Tickets to London


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