Ellen: Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen & Denis Quaid Pranks a Nurse


Ellen June 21 2013 Recap

Ellen had some fun guests on her June 21 2013 episode. She invited Dennis Quaid on the show so they do prank a few people in the studio and so he could talk about his new movie. Kate McKinnon also stopped by to do her Ellen impression which was spot on. Check out the links below to watch a video of the impression.

Ellen: Administrative Professional Day & Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress

Ellen: Kate McKinnon Impersonates Ellen & Denis Quaid Pranks a Nurse

Ellen June 21 2013 invited Kate McKinnon on the show so she could do her Ellen impression and Dennis Quaid pranked an unsuspecting nurse.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a ridiculous dress on the show a few months ago and Ellen decided it was time to make fun of her for it. She also read off some hilarious comments people wrote about the dress on the internet.

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress & Administrative Professional Day

Ellen: Dennis Quaid, Door-to-Door Salesman,  At Any Price Review & Pranks Nurse

You know every time Dennis Quaid is on the show he has to prank someone. This time he teamed up with Ellen to prank a nurse backstage. Ellen and Dennis also talked about his new movie, At Any Price, and he talked with Ellen about how he used to be a door-to-door salesman.


Ellen: Dennis Quaid Pranks Nurse, Door-to-Door Salesman & At Any Price

Ellen: Kate McKinnon Does Ellen Impression & Compares Ellen to Jesus

Kate McKinnon almost started crying when sh met Ellen. She barely contained her tears as she talked with Ellen about how she came up with her Ellen impression and she even demonstrated it to the audience. Click the link below to see the hilarious impression. It is actually pretty good.

Ellen: Kate McKinnon Compared Ellen to Jesus & Does Ellen Impression

Ellen: Anti-Whistleblowing Bill Hurts Humane Society & Horse Soring

Ellen talked with Wayne Pacelle, the head of the Human Society of the United States, about a new bill that could ban the human society from doing undercover sting investigations on animal cruelty. According to him, going undercover is the only way to catch these criminals in the act.

Ellen: Horse Soring & Anti-Whistle Blowing Bill Hurts Humane Society


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