Ellen in Melbourne: Jessica Mauboy & Portia de Rossi’s Grammar School


Ellen DeGeneres June 13 2013 Preview

Ellen’s trip to Australia continues on June 12 2013. She had 20,000 meet her in Melbourne and after the flight landed, the chaos began. Everyone wanted a piece of Ellen, but Portia de Rossi toured her wife and mother-in-law around the city. Check back here for Ellen’s trip to Portia’s grammar school, a performance from Jessica Mauboy, and the epic conclusion to Ellen’s Down Under Underwear model competition.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Visit Grammar School in Melbourne

Ellen in Melbourne: Jessica Mauboy & Portia de Rossi's Grammar School

Ellen DeGeneres June 13 2013. Ellen and Portia de Rossi tour her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and visit Portia’s grammar school. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen’s lovely wife toured her around the school where she grew up. On June 13, Ellen meets the current students and breaks some school rules. It’s all in good fun until the entire class is on the floor laughing. Ellen makes Portia put a school uniform and walk around the campus. They go into classes and give lessons, not to mention run around the halls and perform crazy shenanigans. Also, Ellen met some talented Australian teens that she later invited to sing at her show.

Jessica Mauboy Performs In Melbourne

The winner of Australian Idol in 2006, Jessica Mauboy was thrilled to lend her voice to Ellen’s show. The native Australian sang and helped Ellen play a special game during her time in Melbourne. On June 13 you can see just how talented she is.

Ellen Crowns Melbourne Underwear Model

With the Sydney model crowned, it’s time to name Ellen’s Melbourne underwear model. The competition was tough in Sydney, but Matt came out the clear winner. The losers went home with $500 and limited edition Ellen underwear with Australian flags.


The winner of the Melbourne competition gets to go to America with Ellen to face the Sydney winner. The guys compete in Twister Hooplah and the winner is crowned Ellen’s Down Under Underwear Model.


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