Elizabeth Banks & The Hunger Games: Ellen July 19 2012 Recap


Ellen July 19 2012

The Ellen July 19 2012 show continued a week of guests from this year’s biggest movies, which has also included Dark Shadows, The Avengers, and Twilight. The featured film of the day was The Hunger Games, with star Elizabeth Banks and a look at the movie’s premiere. Here are the segments from Ellen July 19 2012.

Ellen: Redneck Reality Shows

They just don’t make reality shows like they used to. Ellen looked at the growing trend of redneck reality shows, such as Bayou Billionaires and My Big Redneck Vacation. Later, she dressed a staffer as a giant tortilla chip and made him dive into a vat of Wholly Guacamole.


Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Stunt & Redneck Reality Shows

Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Elizabeth Banks: Ellen July 19 2012

The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks talked about the international blockbuster with Ellen July 19 2012. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Working for Ellen isn’t all bad, as Andy Zenor found out. The talk show host sent him as her correspondent to Dublin, Ireland, for the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Find out what really goes on in the land of the Blarney Stone on the biggest Irish celebration of the year, and go behind the scenes of how Guinness is made.


Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with Andy Zenor

Ellen: Elizabeth Banks Hunger Games Wardrobe Malfunction

From The Hunger Games, film and TV star Elizabeth Banks hung out with Ellen. She talked about the elaborate wardrobe and costumes for the characters on the set. Her situation in particular was very involved, and getting in costume meant she couldn’t go to the bathroom all day long. Could you hold it for the sake of art?

Ellen: Elizabeth Banks Couldn’t Use Bathroom During Hunger Games

Elizabeth Banks: The Hunger Games Peeta Vs Gale

It’s a rivalry pop culture hasn’t seen since Team Edward Vs Team Jacob, but Ellen wasn’t shy about putting The Hunger Games‘s Elizabeth Banks on the spot. Find out if the movie’s co-star is on Team Peeta or Team Gale, an intense rivalry that’s dividing fans around the world.

Ellen: Peeta Vs Gale The Hunger Games | Elizabeth Banks

Casey James: ‘Let’s Don’t Call It a Night’

He was a contender a few years back on American Idol, and after a long wait, his anticipated first album is finally here. To give Ellen a taste of his self-titled debut, Casey James, the singer performed the popular single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”

Ellen: Casey James ‘Let’s Don’t Call It a Night’ MP3 Download

Ellen: Hunger Games Black Carpet Premiere

In keeping with the dark and somber tone of the story,  The Hunger Games premiere was on a black carpet instead of the traditional red carpet. Ellen got a report of the star studded comings and goings on opening night. She also checked in for an update on tap dancer Josh Johnson, who is putting himself through college by dancing in the subways.

Ellen: Hunger Games Premiere & Josh Johnson Tap Dancing Update


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