Eddie Murphy & Coldplay: Ellen August 29 2012 Recap


Ellen August 29 2012

Eddie Murphy was the special guest on Ellen August 29 2012. It was Ellen’s 1400th Episode! Plus, Ellen shared footage from Coldplay’s exclusive performance of their song “Fix You.”

Ellen’s 1400th Episode: Ashton Kutcher, Dancer Twitch & Hot Glam Girl

Eddie Murphy: Ellen August 29 2012 Recap

Eddie Murphy was the special guest on Ellen August 29 2012. (cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen celebrated her 1400th episode by sharing two video montages of her favorite moments from over the years. Then she invited the acclaimed dancer, Twitch, to dance in celebration of the show. Plus she shared the latest installment of her segment, “Hot Glam Girl.”

Ellen: Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars & Peeing On Himself

Superstar actor Eddie Murphy was on the show. He talked to Ellen about hosting the Oscars and how he’s scared of cursing or peeing on himself during the ceremony.

Does Clean Freak Eddie Murphy Shower Five Times a Day?

Ellen took the time to clear up several rumors about Eddie Murphy. Some were unsurprisingly false but others were true! Find out whether he showers five times a day and if he owns a private island.


Eddie Murphy Tower Heist Review & Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy gave Ellen a review of his latest film, Tower Heist. He told Ellen that the film’s premise was originally his idea! Plus, he and Ellen talked about why he hasn’t returned to Saturday Night Live since he originally left the show several decades ago.

Ellen: Coldplay “Fix You” Performance

Coldplay was recently on Ellen to promote their new album Mylo Xyloto. Apparently, what viewers didn’t see was that they gave Ellen a secret, unaired performance of one of her favorite songs, “Fix You.” Ellen shared the footage on her 1400th episode.


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