Big Time Rush & Sophia Vergara: Ellen September 5 2012 Recap


Ellen September 5 2012

Ellen September 5 2012 continued a themed week of fan favorite episodes, with guests Sophia Vergara and Big Time Rush. See what trouble they all got into with Ellen September 5 2012. And don’t forget that an all new season of Ellen starts September 10 2012.

Ellen: iPhone Reminders & Days Off

Big Time Rush: Ellen September 5 2012 Recap

Ellen September 5 2012 included a visit from Big Time Rush and guest Sofia Vergara. (s_bukley /


Ellen talked about the importance of taking a break now and then. With so much on our schedules these days, it’s a good thing we have phones to keep up with all of it, because our memories can’t keep up anymore. Plus, check out more Ellen Dance Dares and an installment of Clumsy Thumbsy. What’s your favorite recurring segment on Ellen each week?

Ellen: Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara

Did you know that Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara is a natural blonde? She told Ellen the truth about her hair, and then got roped into an outlandish promotion for their sponsor, Cover Girl. Before they got silly, Ellen and Sophia did speak seriously about the products they endorse in those Cover Girl ads.

With makeup and props flying, it was easy to see why this episode was probably one of Ellen’s favorite moments from last season. Modern Family returns for a new season this fall, and Sofia herself is now in a new decade: her 40s. She explained a bit about her thick accent and whether it’s true that blondes have more fun.


Big Time Rush: Big Time Movie & Elevate

Ellen’s guests Big Time Rush bring their own following wherever they go. They talked about their latest movie, Big Time Movie, and their wildly popular summer tour that is taking America by storm with kid-friendly pop tunes. What’s next? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out, but Nickelodeon and Disney seem to be adept at turning out hit machines, and Big Time Rush may be no exception.

Ellen Gives Eastway Elementary $100,000

Ellen makes it her mission to work with needy students and schools. She has partnered with corporate sponsors like Target to help out in classrooms across America. This time, she focused on a poor school in North Carolina that was in dire need of a helping hand.


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