Amanda Seyfried, Sophia Grace & Rosie: Ellen June 8 2012 Recap


Ellen June 8 2012

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to make us laugh, with funny photos, hilarious text messages, and the best hidden camera pranks! Plus, she chatted with movie star Amanda Seyfried, and checked in with America’s favorite tiny rap stars, Sophia Grace and Rosie, for an exclusive performance. Check out everything that happened on the Ellen June 8 2012 show.

Ellen: Embarrassing Audience Facebook Photos

Amanda Seyfried: Ellen June 8 2012

From the movie Gone, Amanda Seyfried concluded Hidden Camera Week on Ellen June 8 2012. (Joe Seer /


If you are lucky enough to make it into the audience of Ellen’s show, make sure to calibrate your Facebook privacy settings before you head to the studio. You never know when Ellen is going to show your most ridiculous profile photos, Halloween costumes, or drunken shenanigans on national TV. That’s what she did today, and you can find some of the photos from her segment.

Ellen Hilarious Facebook Photos

Ellen: Pronunciation Manual Videos

English is a difficult language to learn, especially as an adult. That’s why someone created a helpful website called the Pronunciation Manual. But unfortunately the videos feature hilarious mispronunciations of common words, and Ellen shared some of her favorite highlights on the show. Plus, see some text messages gone wrong thanks to autocorrect.


Ellen Clumsy Thumbsy & YouTube Pronunciation Guide

Ellen: Amanda Seyfried Gone Review & Knit Alpaca Hat

Actress Amanda Seyfried told Ellen all about her latest movie, Gone. When she’s not working, the star has a unique hobby that she said she thinks of as therapy and exercise combined. Find out what goes into Amanda’s unique pastime, and how she got her start in the business.

Ellen: Amanda Seyfried Knit Sparkly Alpaca Hat | Gone Movie

Best Of Ellen In My Ear: Hidden Camera Pranks

All week long, Ellen has featured some of her best hidden camera pranks. One of her favorite gags is Ellen In My Ear, where she gets someone else in on the act and whispers outrageous instructions in their ear. Find out how you can see some of her favorite moments, and find out the wacky antics she put Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham up to.

Ellen In My Ear: Hidden Camera Pranks & Yahoo Shine Page

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Grammy Red Carpet

Sophia Grace and Rosie may be small, but they’ve made a huge impact on Ellen’s audience this year. They talked about what it was like to work the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy Awards, and declared that they’d love to live on the Ellen Show. Are they too young to get work visas?

Sophia Grace & Rosie | Tutu Girls Want To Live On The Ellen Show

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Cover Nicki Minaj “Moment 4 Life”

Sophia Grace’s favorite music artist is Nicki Minaj. Today, she and her friend Rosie performed their version of the Nicki Minaj song “Moment 4 Life.” I think it’s pretty crazy that such a young kid is so great at rap. Apparently Ellen does too, because she gave the girls a great gift after hearing their latest performance.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Sing Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life


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