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Ellen: Randy Jackson Adam Levine Controversy

American Idol judge Randy Jackson spoke out about his recent controversy with fellow reality TV judge Adam Levine, who appears on The Voice.

Ellen shared a statement that Randy Jackson made: “The winner of The Voice, as I will remind you, was an artist who had a deal at Capitol for many years, a failed contract,” Randy was quoted as saying. “It was like second chance people. It wasn’t like some new artist. It’s a different thing.”


Ellen: Randy Jackson Adam Levine Feud

Randy Jackson talked to Ellen about his feud with Adam Levine and second chances in Hollywood. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Adam Levine Calls Randy Jackson Out

After Randy made that comment, Adam Levine and the other judges from The Voice appeared on her show, and Adam called Randy out for his comments.

“Shame on Randy Jackson for saying that, because he of anybody should know that if you’re in this business, you need second, third, fourth, and fifth chances, and so we love embracing that and having that be a part of our show,” he said.


Adam pointed out that Randy’s career had grown stagnant before American Idol made him a household name. He called Randy’s comments irresponsible.

Randy Jackson Responds To Adam Levine’s Criticism

Today, Ellen gave Randy a chance to respond. Randy said he and Adam are friends off camera, and he enjoys The Voice. He tried to explain that American Idol has been fortunate to find contestants like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

“The premise of our show, what I was really trying to say, we’re about finding the next undiscovered talent, the greatest undiscovered talent in America,” Randy said.

Randy said everyone should get second chances, but he was pointing out a difference between the two reality competitions. He said that if you have had chances in the past but have not been able to succeed, you may be missing some piece of the puzzle that is holding you back.

Ellen pointed out that the music business is tough, and Randy agreed that it can be competitive.

Ellen: Randy Jackson Dawg Count

Today’s celebrity guest Randy Jackson thinks he is playing Mystery Word with Ellen on today’s show. But instead, Ellen attempted to get Randy to say the word “dawg” 10 times. If she succeeded, the audience would receive an ESQ Movado Watch.

Ellen had to coach Randy to get him to say “dawg” enough times for the audience to win the watch. But he got suspicious about her constant prompting and prodding, especially once he figured out the audience was cheering every time he said “dawg.”

Ellen ESQ Movado Watch Giveaway

Ellen steered the conversation into safe territory, talking about Randy’s new bulldog, Buddha. Finally, Ellen gave up and let Randy in on the game so they could get up to 10 times. Everyone in the audience received the ESQ Movado Watch.

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Randy Jackson American Idol

Randy Jackson has been a judge on American Idol for 11 seasons. He is the only judge to appear in all seasons of the show, and just a couple years ago Ellen spent a season with him at the judging table.

“I miss you,” Randy told Ellen.

Ellen praised the talent pool on the current season of American Idol. You can judge it for yourself, and do your own “Dawg” count, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox.


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