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Nick Cannon: Babiators Baby Sunglasses Review

Ellen Nick Cannon Babiators

Nick Cannon Babiators

For Mother’s Day, Ellen DeGeneres asked her guests to recommend their favorite baby products. Nick Cannon also had a product for babies: Babiators Sunglasses. Hilary Duff endorsed the 4moms MamaRoo Bouncer, while Molly Sims suggested the Sleep Number P5 Bed, and Ellen gave away Britax Car Seats.


As a new father, Nick Cannon is concerned with making sure his twins grow up in style. That’s why he’s making sure his son is sporting baby-friendly sunglasses. “The Babiators, actually they’re really safe for babies too,” Ellen said, noting that many sunglasses aren’t necessarily safe for babies. Ellen made sure all the new moms in her audience got a pair of Babiators.

Ellen: Nick Cannon Twins Update

Nick Cannon is a busy man, juggling a career, a famous wife (singer Mariah Carey), and one-year-old twins. He appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show wearing a sympathy pregnancy belly. “I was trying to get some free stuff,” he said. “I’ve got babies at home.”

He observed the collective glow of Ellen’s studio audience, all of whom are about to become first-time moms.


Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Paris Twins

Nick reported that his twins with Mariah Carey just celebrated their first birthday, celebrated in Paris. Come on, now. Babies can’t appreciate Paris. Roc and Roe are their names, and Nick reported that the babies have already switched personalities.

Their son has become the “strong, silent type” while the female twin has become outgoing. Ellen wondered how the children could have a normal life with two celebrity parents.

“Our wedding anniversary is on the same day that the kids were born,” Nick Cannon said, which is actually pretty cool. And he’s right; the kids can brag about their first birthday for the rest of their lives.

Ellen: Nick Cannon Baby Advice

Nick Cannon said that, when it comes to parenthood and marriage, the moms are always right. He mentioned that Mariah Carey likes to say Nick abandoned her during the pregnancy. But he read a book that said women always feel like their partner “could’ve done more” during a pregnancy.

There you go, guys. Whatever you do will never be enough for your expectant wife or girlfriend, according to Nick Cannon.

Ellen: Nick Cannon Health Scare Update

In winter 2012, Nick Cannon made headlines for his health scare. He had kidney failure, which is pretty serious. He has a specific form of Lupus that affects the kidneys, and he had a complication: blood clots in his lungs.

“I’m happy to say that I’m 100% healthy now,” Nick Cannon said. “I’m in better shape now than I’ve been, because I’m eating right, I’m putting the right things in my body, I’m sleeping.”

He said the experience has changed his lifestyle, and he scaled back his radio responsibilities, dropping his morning radio shift so he could get more rest and spend more time with his family.

Nick did say that Mariah Carey was very supportive during his illness and stayed by his side.

America’s Got Talent: Nick Cannon On Howard Stern

Nick Cannon said the addition of judge Howard Stern has fans of America’s Got Talent talking about the show’s upcoming season.

“Everyone, from old fans and new fans are going to be so pleased with the show, and so pleased with him, because it’s a total different side,” Nick Cannon said. “It’s amazing to see him on the show with kids.”

Ellen DeGeneres said she had a similar experience, becoming friends with Howard Stern after misjudging him based on his caustic shock jock reputation.

America’s Got Talent airs Mondays and Tuesdays this summer, starting Monday May 14 2012, on NBC.


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