Ellen Subaru Outback Car Giveaway | Amber White Danville Indiana


Ellen Audience Giveaway

Viewers know Ellen loves to surprise her audience. Yesterday, Ellen Gave Away A House. Now she has sent Jeanie to Danville, Indiana, to surprise another deserving viewer.

Just know that if you ever get a phone call from Ellen, it is going to be great news. Tomorrow could be your day! Amber White married her husband Richard about 18 months ago, and they have an infant son named Rayden.


Ellen: Subaru Outback Car Giveaway

Ellen surprised viewer Amber White with a 2012 Subaru Outback at her Indiana home. (Image Credit: DDCoral / Shutterstock.com)

Amber White’s Family Loves Ellen

The family lives with Amber’s parents and shares a room with their baby. Richard is a railroad conductor, but his hours fluctuate wildly. Sometimes he works 60-80 hours in a week, and some weeks he doesn’t work at all.

Amber worries that he will miss out on Rayden’s childhood experiences. Amber appreciates what Richard does to provide for their family.


Amber White Danville Indiana Car Trouble

The car Amber and Richard drive has a push button start because the ignition no longer works correctly. It’s their only car, and it has over 120,000 miles on it. They’ve only had the car for nine months.

Amber watches Ellen with her son each day, and they enjoy dancing and having some positive moments in her day. Amber has even made a fan out of her husband Richard. They have noticed that this season of the show has been about giving to people who need good energy.

Ellen: Good Energy & Positivity

She said she carries this positivity with her throughout the day. But today she got a little something extra as well. Ellen surprised Amber with a phone call.

Amber was surprised to hear from Ellen, and couldn’t stop giggling. She said her husband was at work and would be gone for a few days.

Ellen: 2012 Subaru Outback Giveaway

Ellen told Amber she has a cute family and a nice home, and then she sprung the news that Jeanie was at Amber’s front door. Ellen said she read Amber’s email and learned that she has to commute 60 to 80 miles to work each day.

To help Amber with her car trouble, Ellen sent her and her family a 2012 Subaru Outback. Ellen mentioned that it gets 29 MPG, has symmetrical all wheel drive, and is safe her family and baby.

Amber’s Surprise Announcement

Amber’s mom, Rhonda, joined her in the passenger seat. Ellen said she heard Amber wants to share a secret with her mom.

Tearfully, Amber revealed to her mom the she is pregnant with a second child. She wiped away tears of joy and her mother joyously celebrated.

Ellen: Mother’s Day

As a final gift, Ellen said she would fly Amber to the taping of this year’s Mother’s Day Show, where she can receive thousands of dollars of baby stuff for her kids. Amber has a few months to get over the shock before she gets a chance to meet Ellen in person.


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