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Ellen: Subaru Giveaway

Ellen DeGeneres loves surprising viewers by Giving Away KB Homes and New Cars For Deserving Moms. She stuck her correspondent Jeanie backstage for today’s big surprise. Danielle is a single mom from Plymouth, Minnesota, and she’s a big Ellen fan.

Danielle was in the audience, and was shocked to see that Jeanie was backstage with her two children, Jaden and Shamir. Ellen brought Danielle up onstage to reveal the surprises she had in store.


Ellen: 2012 Subaru Forester

Ellen surprised a single mom with a new 2012 Subaru Forester to keep her family safe on the road. (Image Credit: Kosarev Alexander / Shutterstock.com)

Danielle was overcome with excitement, screaming and trying to catch her breath, and that was before Ellen even gave her any gifts.

Ellen: Single Mom Surprise

Danielle explained that her children’s father has been in and out of their lives, but her kids inspire her and give her joy. “You do seem to have just a wonderful, positive energy,” Ellen said.


Then Danielle explained that her hoopty, an old car named Cece. “There’s a list of things that’s wrong with Cece,” Danielle said.

Ellen also mentioned that Danielle is juggling bills, and can never seem to get ahead. She works at a massage therapy clinic, and her boss gives her a flexible schedule so she can be there for her kids.

Then they rush home to watch Ellen’s show and dance along with her.

Ellen Pays Single Mom Danielle’s Bills

Ellen’s producer Andy surprised Danielle with $10,000 to help her get caught up on her bills. Danielle was overcome with excitement and couldn’t stop screaming, which seems like a reasonable reaction to such a windfall.

Next, Ellen brought Danielle’s children out for one last surprise. Ellen listed some of the problems Danielle has with her car, from a window that’s stuck to broken heat and air conditioning. The car even has a gas leak. The blinkers don’t work and the car has high mileage.

Ellen: Subaru Forester Giveaway

To help Danielle get her kids around safely, Ellen gave Danielle a new 2012 Subaru Forester. That’s another awesome gift, and it’s so cool that Ellen flies people’s family members to be with them when they get these huge prizes.

Ellen mentioned the car’s symmetrical all wheel drive, which she hoped would keep the family safe on the road. That $10,000 should also go a long way toward paying off Danielle’s bills.

What would you ask Ellen for if you wrote her a letter?



  1. Keri Johnson says

    Im so glad she was able to get rid of that car that was giving her troubles.I wish her all the best.Ellen your truly amazing and A blessing to all of us when you make us laugh uncontrollabyl!!!I also have a money hungry truck.I drive a 95 ford explorer.I have six kids who depend on me.I have worked everday for eleven months with zero days off! My truck just got me for 250 dollars not to mention last week my brakes went all the way out.Well they fell off onto the street.I had to turn around and pick them up..It was crazy think someone was looking over me that day.Well I would really like to see my 17 yr old son get a car he deserves it so much.Hes 17 attends high school and post secondary college classes to.He also has a job.Just today we got a letter in the mail he was accepted in the National HonorSociety..So proud of him! Ive wrote to you about twelve days of christmas I hope I could write about both..Me and my six children adore you!!!!

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