Ellen: Shutter Huggers Review & Bethenny Frankel Entrepreneur Update


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Update

Bethenny Frankel is about to be the star of her very own talk show, and in the meantime, Ellen DeGeneres is helping keep her face on TV with frequent guest appearances on her show. (What’s in it for Ellen? She is a producer of Bethenny’s talk show.) Bethenny got an update about one of the products she mentored on her talk show, and Ellen shared her own Shutter Huggers review.

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Disneyland Review

Bethenny compared her recent trip to Disneyland with her daughter to Supermarket Sweep. After making a long list of wishes and wants, the afternoon plan becomes like a military operation.


She made a plan and got her out of the park by 5 p.m., and achieved her goal. Next on her list is she wants to see what happens to the princesses at Disney After Dark. She praised the actors at the park for never breaking character.

Ellen: Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Season 2

Ellen: Shutter Huggers Review & Bethenny Frankel Entrepreneur Update

Ellen shared a Shutter Huggers review and an entrepreneur update from Amy, a businesswoman whom Bethenny Frankel advised last summer on her talk show.

The second season of Bethenny’s daytime talk show will be shot in New York. Last summer’s episodes contained a Bethenny In Your Business segment. Someone from the show took Bethenny’s advice and was surprised to hear how things were going.


“I want the show to show the process, and a lot of the failures too. I’ve had many, many failures in business,” she admitted. “People just hear about the successes, but business is hard and I want to be able to help women through that process in the beginning.”

Ellen: Shutter Huggers Update

Amy James, the owner of Shutter Huggers, got advice last summer from Bethenny about her own struggling business. Amy works three jobs and has two kids, and she has always looked up to Bethenny.

Shutter Huggers are stuffed animals that go around a camera lens to get children’s attention when you are trying to take family photos. Bethenny’s advice back then was to improve the packaging, and she even got off-camera advice about her price point.

Ellen: Shutter Huggers Review

Amy took Bethenny’s advice and it has made a big difference. Of course, she was on hand in the studio to go into greater detail about what has happened since. After getting that initial advice, Amy’s business got a huge spike in traffic, selling in all 50 states and 22 countries around the world.

The price point was $29.95, and Bethenny’s advice was to bring it down to $19.99. The business had $95,000 in debt, and they were afraid to lower the prices, but it actually increased their sales by 75%.

Ellen: Shutter Huggers Packaging

Bethenny’s suggestion to change the packaging made it a lot easier to see what the product was about. She said that you have to think like a customer and find a way to make your product pop off the shelves.

The business is also now out of debt, which is remarkable given that the company is just a year old. Ellen said that you can now find Shutter Huggers in the Ellen Shop at her studio.

Bethenny said that the product succeeded because of Amy’s passion for her creation.


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