Ellen: Powerbag Business Class & Marley Freedom Headphones Review


Ellen: Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie Review

Ellen surprised her audience with a complete collection of Earth Day gifts and surprises, worth about $1,000 in total. In time for Earth Day, Disney has released its newest movie, Chimpanzee, in theaters.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said. “It’s so great.”


Ellen: Earth Day Giveaways

Ellen surprised her audience with a collection of Earth Day giveaways, including bikes & backpacks.

Ellen also revealed how seeing the movie for Earth Day actually helps the animals depicted in the film.

“For every person who sees the movie during its opening week, Disney Nature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute To Protect Chimpanzees Today and Tomorrow,” she said.


Ellen: Chimpanzee: The Making Of The Film Review

Ellen gifted everyone in the audience with a copy of a behind the scenes book about how this movie was made. Plus, she threw in some movie tickets for everyone in the audience.

Shop for Chimpanzee: The Making Of The Film.

Ellen: Powerbag Business Class Backpack Review

If you like to sneak your own snacks and treats into the theaters, as Ellen does, you should check out another Earth Day gift that she gave everyone in her audience.

This bag can carry all your goodies and charge your batteries or power your electronic devices. The retail value of this business class bag is $200.

Shop for Power Bag Business Class Pack.

Ellen: House Of Marley Freedom Headphones Review

Ellen also threw in House of Marley Freedom Headphones, which are a sustainable and earth friendly way to enjoy your favorite reggae or other music.

Shop for Marley Freedom Exodus Headphones.

Ellen: Specialized Bikes Review

Ellen had nothing but good things to say about Specialized Bikes.

“They’re fast and easy to ride. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they’re perfect for getting in shape or running errands around town,” Ellen said.

You can find the right bike for you at specialized.com.

Ellen: Women’s Ride Day

Ellen also announced that Specialized Bike Shops throughout the US are teaming up on Saturday, April 28 2012 to host Women’s Ride Day and connect female cyclists with new friends.

If you want to get involved, visit specialized.com for more information.

Between all this swag, the Green Cleaning Products, and the women who won the Spa Trip, this would have been a fantastic day to be a member of Ellen’s studio audience. Thank goodness for the magic of online shopping.


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