Ellen: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Household Cleaners Review


Ellen: Earth Day Dance Dares

Ellen has fused her loves for dancing and pranks together for the Dance Dare craze that viewers can’t seem to get enough of. For Earth Day, Ellen DeGeneres shared highlights from Dance Dares submitted by viewers around the world.

From the sidewalks of Hong Kong to the tourist attractions of Paris, France, and the beaches of Brazil, everyone is getting into the Dance Dare spirit.


Shoppers in Canada, pedestrians in England, and skiiers in Austria were all unwitting Dance Dare victims in this video. Even a man in a Brazilian crosswalk and a Guatemalan man sitting outdoors were pranked.

Ellen: Natural Household Cleaners

Ellen reviewed her favorite natural cleaners from Mrs. Meyers. Do you prefer traditional or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies?

A woman visited the pyramids in Mexico to get her dance on. Soldiers in Japan and even a TV crew member from New Zealand got in on Ellen’s challenge.


Viewers whose videos were featured won $100 JC Penney gift cards, so hopefully they have those stores around the world. Plus, Ellen is soliciting Pregnant Women’s Dance Dares for her Mother’s Day show, so get ready for that by submitting your video online.

Ellen: Leopard Frog Discovered

It’s Earth Day, and Ellen looked up some statistics so she could share them with of us. “The Earth is 70% water and 30% children from that Duggar family,” she said.

In possibly more real news, Ellen reported that scientists have discovered a new species of Leopard Frog in Staten Island, New York. Ellen played the animal’s chuckling noise. She said she thinks one of these frogs was in her audience, and sure enough, in a doctored clip, there was someone dressed as a frog among her audience members.

Ellen: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Household Cleaners Review

Ellen said her Earth Day show is sponsored by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Household Cleaners, which Ellen says is what she uses at home.

“They’re environmentally friendly and cruelty free,” she said. “And they smell great, like a garden.”

She gave everyone in the audience a $100 Visa gift card to get Mrs. Meyers products for themselves.

Have you used any green cleaning products? If so, which ones? Talk about this in the comments. How do you think they stack up against traditional household cleaning supplies and chemicals?


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