Ellen Mother’s Day: Sleep Number P5 Bed Review & Molly Sims


Ellen: Happy Mother’s Day

Have you gotten your Mother’s Day shopping done yet? Maybe your mom would like a Sleep Number P5 Bed, which Ellen gave her audience. Whatever you choose, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13 2012.

In observance of Mother’s Day 2012, Ellen DeGeneres honored first time expectant moms. Her entire audience was getting ready to give birth to their first children, but before they delivered, Ellen wanted to give them some gifts and advice about motherhood.


“Being pregnant, it’s such a special, special experience. It’s a bond that connects all of you to Snooki,” Ellen said, thanking her own mother, Betty DeGeneres, for giving birth to and raising her.

Ellen doesn’t understand much about pregnancy, such as how women sleep with such large, growing bellies. She’s already a light sleeper, and that might have been what made her think of her first huge Mother’s Day gift.

Ellen: Molly Sims Mother’s Day Giveaways

As if an audience of expecting moms wasn’t enough, Ellen got some famous faces to help her show off today’s giveaways. Molly Sims is “almost nine months pregnant” with a boy, and she was looking for ideas on how to move as she watched the pregnant women in the audience dance.


Ellen: Sleep Number P5 Bed Review

Ellen's first Mother's Day giveaway was the Sleep Number P5 Bed, because new moms need all the sleep they can get.

Ellen: Sleep Number P5 Bed Review

New moms have to catch Zs whenever they can, and it helps to do that on a comfortable bed. Ellen suggested the Sleep Number P5 Bed, which allows two people to share a bed and adjust their firmness or softness level without disturbing each other.

“I told my husband, ‘We have to get a new mattress,’” Molly Sims said. She highly recommends the Sleep Number P5 bed, which she’s been using to help herself stay comfortable during her pregnancy. She suggested visiting a Sleep Number store for Mother’s Day to find the right bed for you.

Ellen: Mother’s Day Babies Update

Throughout today’s Mother’s Day Special, the huge video screen behind Ellen featured pictures of the babies who were gestating inside the audience members at last year’s Mother’s Day show.

Plus, Ellen encouraged the audience to get up and move around or go to the restroom during the taping, if needed. Also, the most pregnant audience members were seated together, I guess for easy access to Axl, the show’s EMT, who was on hand in case of any emergency deliveries.

Ellen: Pregnant Dance Dares

All this Spring, Ellen’s been featuring audience Dance Dares, and today she highlighted the submissions from expecting moms, who secretly danced for two behind strangers and others.

You really can’t question a pregnant woman dancing, in a store, on a pier, or out and about. There was even a submission from the beach and one from a hospital. These are some athletic pregnant women.

Women who submitted videos received $100 JC Penney gift cards.

Ellen Dance Song: “Hey Baby”

Ellen got up close and personal with her pregnant audience and their baby bumps during today’s dance to the No Doubt song “Hey Baby.”


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