Ellen: Kym Douglas Winter Beauty Tips & Use Hot Chocolate As Bronzer?


Ellen: Kym Douglas Winter Beauty Tips

Kym Douglas is the queen of all things beauty and she gave us ways to look beautiful in the harsh winter months.

Sun Kissed Glow: For a nice sun kissed glow at home, mix hot chocolate, cornstarch and nutmeg. Brush and blend it on your skin for a yummy smelling bronzer.


Anti-aging Mask: Combine red wine, honey and yogurt for an antioxidant filled anti-aging mask. Red wine is good for your heart and health.

Crows Feet: Japanese glasses, Mejikara, promise to stretch and massage your crows feet. They train and pull your muscles to get rid of the wrinkles.

Ellen: Kym Douglas Winter Beauty Tips & Use Hot Chocolate As Bronzer?

Kym Douglas suggesting mixing hot chocolate, cornstarch and nutmeg together for bronzer.


Electronic Microcurrent: This isn’t a taser, even though it looks and sounds like it. The NuFace electronic microcurrent gets rid of wrinkles. Ellen’s staffer Andy thought the shock was too much for beauty, but Ellen had no problem with a little pain.

Ellen: Cash At Your Door

Kym Douglas then travelled out to the suburbs of Burbank, California to play “Cash At Your Door.” The family was close to sweeping the board, but then one question stumped them. They came out with $4,000. See how you would do!

Valentine’s Day was last week. Name another holiday in February.

A: President’s Day

Finish these Justin Bieber lyrics: “Swag, swag, swag on you. Chillin’ by the fire while we’re eating ____”

A: Fondue

What is the capital of California?

A: Sacremento

Kate Upton was the cover model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue this year. Who was last year’s model?

A: Kate Upton

What is the blue liquid hair dressers use to clean their combs?

A: Barbicide

Which member of one direction dated Taylor Swift?

A: Harry Styles