Ellen: Jolie Lip Plumper Review & Kym Douglas Spring Beauty Secrets


Ellen: Kym Douglas Beauty

Ellen DeGeneres wants everyone to be fresh and beautiful for Spring, so she invited beauty expert Kym Douglas to show off her latest tips and ideas.

Because she enjoys being surprised, Ellen said she has no idea what Kym is going to be showing her today.


Ellen: Kym Douglas Beauty

Farmer's Market finds can actually help you create home facials, as Kym Douglas told Ellen.

Kym Douglas: Jolie Lip Plumper Review

Kym’s first product is a wacky ball to give you fuller lips. First, you apply a special gel to your lips so the device doesn’t get stuck on your lips.

Then you make your mouth into a fish shape, apply the device to your lips, and start pumping. It creates suction and is supposed to make your lips larger and fuller.


“That’s horrible,” Ellen said. Kym even admitted that it hurts to use the product, and she declined to say how long the effects would last.

Shop for the Jolie Lip Plumper at your own risk.

Ellen: Kym Douglas Tomato & Lemon Facial

You can get fresh tomatoes at your local farmer’s market, and you can actually use them to be more beautiful. While you’re shopping, pick up a few lemons as well.

Slice tomatoes razor thin and lay them flat on your face. Leave the tomatoes on for about 10 minutes, because the Lycopene gives you a glow. Afterwards, dab fresh lemon juice on your skin for a few seconds to prevent sun spots.

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Ellen: Spinach & Almond Hair Paste with Iron

If you’re losing your hair, have you had your iron levels checked lately? Kym told Ellen that Iron Deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss.

You can get Iron from foods like Spinach, but Kym also has another beauty idea that uses Spinach.

She said you can chop the spinach leaves, mix them with honey and almond oil, and apply it to your hair. Mix it into your head to allow Iron to absorb into your hair.

Kym said you can do this 10 minutes before getting in the shower. She demonstrated by rubbing it on her own head, so at least she’s game for her own suggestions, even if Ellen wouldn’t play along.

Then rinse it off in the shower, or use a special brush that Kym found, which Ellen said looks like a toilet scrubber. The brush has towel-like bristles to dry your hair faster.

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Ellen: Kym Douglas Vodka Cinnamon Mouthwash

Kym said you don’t have to use mouthwash to get fresh breath. Instead, she said you can use vodka, and finally this was a beauty tip Ellen was interested in.

All you have to do for this one is put vodka and cinnamon in a glass jar. Then let it sit for two weeks, so it will have the best effects. Once it’s ready, you just use it to rinse your mouth, like you would with mouthwash.

These beauty tips are creative, and at least Ellen is more skeptical than a lot of the other talk show hosts, who blindly accept their guests’ ideas.


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