Ellen: Jessica Simpson Fashion Star NBC Reality Show & Giveaway


Ellen: Jessica Simpson Fashion Star

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is taking a stand for women in her new reality series Fashion Star, which premieres March 14 2012 on NBC.

When an Australian contestant said he wouldn’t take women’s advice about men’s fashion, Jessica took him to task.


Ellen: Jessica Simpson Collection

Jessica Simpson's clothing and products generated $1 billion in sales in 2011. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Jessica Simpson Fashion Star NBC Reality Show

The show is searching for up and coming fashion designers. Buyers from Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and H&M can purchase the designs. If a store buys it on the show, it will be in stores the next day. That is a good idea, actually, and it’ll be interesting to see if that works out for stores and the show itself.

“It’s like unfolding a magazine and watching it,” Jessica Simpson said. The show was shot last summer, which explains why Jessica doesn’t look as pregnant as she does now.


You can see Jessica Simpson as one of the celebrity mentors, along with host Elle McPherson, on NBC’s new reality competition, Fashion Star, airing Tuesday nights on NBC.

Jessica Simpson Collection Fashion Line

Jessica said she has 24 categories in her fashion line and made over $1 billion in 2011. “You’ve got to be so proud that you’re able to succeed,” Ellen said.

Jessica explained the philosophy that drives her.

“It is great, because I feel like I can dress women all across the world, all shape and sizes,” she said. “We all want to look great. Everybody deserves to look great, and I’ve really been able to do that with the Jessica Simpson Collection.”

Jessica Simpson Maternity & Baby Lines

She hasn’t settled on the right designs for a maternity collection, but designs are in the works. There is a baby collection forthcoming as well.

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Paparazzi

Ellen gave Jessica a shirt she can wear to advertise her various brands, including Beautymint, the Jessica Simpson Collection, Fashion Star, and her fragrance, I Fancy You.

This is like the relationship status update shirts she gave Taylor Swift & Zac Efron.

Read about Taylor & Zac’s Ellen Interview.

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Giveaway

Ellen’s audience received gift bags featuring a variety of Jessica’s products, including hats, fragrances, and more.

Click here to get your own Jessica Simpson Collection products.


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