Ellen: Falcon Lego Frog Feeder & Russell Crowe Visits Ellen in Sydney


Ellen: Falcon Lego Frog Feeder & Russell Crowe Visits Ellen in Sydney

Falcon made a Lego frog feeder that feeds his frogs every night.

Ellen: Tweets In Australia

Ellen told her twitter followers to meet her in Sydney. Fans congregated in the Royal Gardens in Sydney for a special meet and greet show. Ellen has a huge water front stage set up. She told her fans she was looking to move to Sydney.


Ellen brought her wife Portia, her underwear model Gluteus Mikesimus and her short shorts man Andy. Ellen looked so small on that huge stage, but everyone was happy she was there.

Ellen: Russell Crowe & Win A Trip To America

Andy took a multivitamin and went into the Swisse 3000 machine. He turned into Russell Crowe and no one saw that coming. Crowe and Ellen had fun with fans and she gave away a trip to America. Then, she brought up a lucky couple and gave them money to pay off their student loans.


Ellen: Kid Inventions

Ellen brought some of the funniest and coolest kids to present their original ideas. Flacon, Jagar and Ian had some of the newest inventions from the minds of elementary school kids.

Ellen: Timed Frog Feeder

Flacon’s timed frog feeder will feed their frogs for up 13 days. Every night the control box drops a little bit of food that the frogs can get. His feeder is made completely out of Legos. It’s a cute invention and a bright idea, Falcon.

Ellen: Flying Sleep Blanket

Jagar’s first invention is the flying sleep. He was on a plane and kept falling over in the aisle and on his brother when he was asleep. His flying sleep straps you into the seat and lets you breathe through a blanket. It’s a smart idea and no offense to Jagar, but this invention looks a little freaky. I’m not sure if I’m a flying sleep person.


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