Ellen: Apple iPhone 4S Updates & Dogeared Jewelry Review


Ellen: Apple iPhone 4S, Oh Puh-lice, & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ellen talked about the new Apple iPhone 4S, aired her latest installment of “Oh, Puh-lice,” and talked about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ellen: Apple iPhone 4S Updates

Ellen: iPhone 4S Review

Ellen talked about the new Apple iPhone 4S and wondered whether any of its updates were necessary. (1000 Words / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen began her show by talking about the new Apple iPhone 4S.

“Of course we know the ‘4S’ is ‘superior service…sound…and celery,” Ellen joked.

Ellen said that for anyone who already has an iPhone and doesn’t want to buy a new one, there are 200 updates available for the penultimate model of iPhone.


“How can a phone do 200 things?” she asked. “I have an iPhone and I use mine for three things. I text. I take pictures. And occasionally I use it as a coaster if I don’t have one.”

Ellen also questioned whether any of the updates would be genuinely useful.

“They’re never the things we want them to update,” she said. “There are thousands of apps. Yet, when I walk from my kitchen to my living room, it drops the call!”

Ellen joked that when her iPhone drops a call, she says to herself, “Oh well. I won’t talk to this person, but I’ll play angry birds I guess.”

Ellen: Oh Puh-lice Funny Police Reports

Ellen aired the latest installment in her ongoing segment, “Oh Puh-lice,” in which she reads humorous police reports submitted by her fans.

The first report told of a suspicious person fleeing a house who “turned out to be a newspaper delivery person.”

The second report was for a “suspicious coin” that an “investigating officer” discovered “was a quarter.”

The third report said that “a woman reported pigs in a yard running around doing pig things.”

Ellen: Breast Cancer Awareness Dogeared Jewelry Review

Ellen had been raising money all month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” she said. “We have raised over $200,000 so far.”

Ellen showed a necklace from Dogeared Jewelry. It was quite pretty and had a pendant that was shaped like the pink ribbon that has become the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Ellen commended Dogeared Jewelry because, “25 percent of their sales from their ‘Wish For A Cure’ line” go to breast cancer research and awareness.

Then Ellen sent everyone in her audience home with a necklace from Dogeared Jewelry.


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