Ellen: 2013 Ford Escape | Jacob & Mary Moreno Roseville, Michigan


Ellen: Dance Dare Surprise

Ellen DeGeneres is not the best at feigning surprise. She claimed she was told during a commercial break that someone who submitted a Dance Dare to the show was in today’s audience. How convenient that they even had the video ready to roll on cue, and nothing else was planned for this segment. I wonder what Ellen could be up to.

A series of sequences featuring a man named Jacob Moreno dancing behind fellow Lowe’s customers seemed to be right in the Dance Dare mold. Ellen invited Jacob and his wife Mary to chat with her onstage.


Ellen: 2013 Ford Escape

Ellen DeGeneres surprised a struggling Michigan family with a new 2013 Ford Escape. (Image Credit: Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com)

The family has three daughters, ages 7, 3, and nine months. The couple can’t say who is the bigger Ellen fan, but Jacob revealed that he used a permanent marker to make his own Ellen Underwear.

“I’m going to get you some underwear today,” Ellen said. “Because I guarantee mine are more comfortable than those.”


Ellen: Jacob & Mary Moreno’s Story

Jacob works as a roofer, and the family lives in Roseville, Michigan. They grew up in the same neighborhood, and they seem to truly be in love. Mary praises Jacob’s skills as a provider. Jacob is in a union and hasn’t worked since December 2011.

Mary and Jacob are trying to put on a brave face for their daughters, despite the fact that unemployment checks aren’t making ends meet for them right now. They are only bringing in $1,100 a month, which doesn’t go far for a family of five.

The family doesn’t have a reliable vehicle and gets around in an old used van that sometimes doesn’t start. Mary and the girls got stuck outside in the cold one winter’s day. But the girls’ smiles and happiness are inspiring for both parents.

Ellen: Roseville Michigan Family’s Surprise

Ellen’s first surprise for the family was $10,000, which should go a long way toward helping them get back on top of their finances. She invited their daughters onstage (is there a daycare backstage or something?) and presented Jacob with some authentic Ellen Underwear so he can stop counterfeiting them.

To help the family meet their needs, Ellen DeGeneres put out a call to employers in the Roseville, Michigan area. If you need a roofer, you can connect with Jacob through ellentv.com.

Ellen: 2013 Ford Escape

The parents agreed that their daughters’ smiling faces keep them in good spirits, even though times are tough. However, their 1999 van is not in good repair.

As a final surprise, Ellen gifted the family with a new 2013 Ford Escape, which should keep them up and running for the next several years. There’s room for all of them, and plenty of space to grow.

Ellen highlighted the Escape’s smart technology, hands free features, and safety. “Now it’s reliable,” Ellen said. “You’re not going to have to be stranded.”

Who needs unemployment benefits when we have The Ellen Show?


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