Ellen 12 Days Beatles Vinyl Box Set & Electrohome Record Player Review


Ellen: Nicki Minaj Biggest Fan Prank

Ellen asked Nicki Minaj if she would be willing to meet her biggest fan. She said of course she would, and after Ellen read a touching letter from the fan, the fan revealed himself and came out with Nicki Minaj’s music playing. Instead of a teenage girl, which Ellen and Nicki were expecting, the biggest fan was a middle-aged man. He asked Nicki Minaj for a hug. When Nicki went to hug him awkwardly, Ellen stopped her. Then the 12 Days of Giveaways music started to play.

Ellen and Nicki Minaj played a prank on Ellen's show today, when Nicki's biggest fan turned out to be a middle aged man. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen and Nicki Minaj played a prank on Ellen’s show, when Nicki’s biggest fan turned out to be a middle aged man. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


It was a classic Ellen prank!

Ellen TV: Dancer the Mascot Dance

Dancer the Mascot did an old school flapper dance today on the show for 12 Days. It was silly and goofy, especially considering Dancer the Mascot is a giant reindeer.

Ellen: Trivago Gift Card Review

Ellen reassured her audience that there was a little something something for everyone on Day 8 of 12 Days of Giveaways. Ellen gave them all a $500 Trivago Visa gift card so they could use it to spend their holidays on a beach somewhere sipping a nice cocktail.


Ellen TV: Beatles Vinyl Box Set

Because it’s the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’s first time to America, Capital Records has remastered every single album on 14 high-quality vinyl records, with a bbeautifulhard-covered book. Ellen have this $400 box set to her fans.

If you want to get $25 off the Beatles Vinyl Box Set, just use the code ELLENBTL1 on Amazon.

Ellen: Electrohome Record Player

So Ellen’s audience could play their Beatles records, she gave them an Electrohome record player, which lets them play their records or any music from their phone or tablet.

Ellen TV: Beats Solo2 Headphones Review

Ellen also gave her audience some Beats Solo2 Headphones, so that they could listen to their music without disturbing their roommate.

Ellen: Britney Spears ‘Piece of Me’ Tickets

Ellen also gave everyone a pair of Britney Spears’s Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, so that they could experience some music firsthand. It’s one of the hottest shows in the country and Ellen’s audience couldn’t believe it.

Ellen TV: The Linq Hotel & Casino

Ellen also gave her audience a three day, two night stay at the Linq Hotel and Casino, where they could get two tickets to the High Roller, $100 to spend at the Brooklyn Bowl, and a number of other great benefits.

Ellen’s audience cheered and hugged each other in excitement.


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