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Ellen: TV Channel Surfing

Ellen DeGeneres said she is well rested today after spending five hours cuddling with wife Portia De Rossi in front of the TV. Celebrities are just like us!

She complained that she has too many channels, with 478 to choose from. “I didn’t sit down to read. That’s why I’m watching TV.” She definitely has a point.


Channel Surfing With Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres complained that there are too many TV channels and strange new shows these days.

Ellen: Moonshiners

But Ellen said her channel surfing turned up some interesting new shows, such as Moonshiners on the Discovery Channel, which follows the adventures of people who make their own moonshine.

She even brought a clip from the show, where one of the people broke his ribs while making moonshine and drank some of his product to feel better. “The cause and the remedy was one and the same,” he explained.


Ellen: Extreme Cheapskates

Ellen also took a look at the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates, which follows thrift people as they attempt to save money. She shared a clip of a man whose hobby is dumpster diving to find gifts for his wife. He actually picked a flower out of the trash to take home to her.

“You are one lucky lady,” Ellen said about the man’s wife.

Ellen’s DJ Tony had not heard of any of these shows. Ellen attempted to give him some flowers from the trash, but he just laughed and said he’d pick them up later.

Ellen: How The States Got Their Shapes

Ellen also mentioned the documentary series How The States Got Their Shapes. The host was confused about the latitude and longitude of his GPS, and Ellen fell asleep while he was talking.

“There are a lot of shows to choose from, so I’m glad you’re watching me,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Oscars 2012

Ellen talked about this weekend’s Oscar ceremony, congratulating Meryl Streep for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Ellen showed a doctored clip of her own supporting “performance” in the film, which she said was was overlooked by the Academy.

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Photos

Ellen looked at silly and supposedly glamorous photos audience members have sent in. Here are some highlights.

  • Sharon in Las Vegas sent a 20-year-old picture of herself making an intense and frightening face. You’ve got to love soft lighting.
  • Marjorie in Florida is an older lady who dressed kind of like a pimp for the Valentine season.
  • Ellen surprised staff member Laurie Blackman by sharing her glamour shot, featuring the big hair and neon lighting that can only have come from the ‘80s.

Ellen: CoverGirl & Olay 2 In 1 Foundation

Ellen showed off the combination of “CoverGirl perfecting makeup and Olay hydrating serum.”

You can click here to purchase CoverGirl & Olay 2 In 1 Foundation.

Ellen Dance Song: James Brown “Get Up Offa That Thing”

Ellen danced with the audience today to the sounds of James Brown’s hit “Get Up Offa That Thing.”

Click here to download the MP3 of “Get Up Offa That Thing.”


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