Seal, Sam Worthington & Michael Strahan: Ellen June 19 2012 Preview


Ellen June 19 2012 Preview: Seal

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, better known as R&B singer, Seal separated from german model, Heidi Klum, after seven years of marriage. The couple had three children together as well as Heidi‘s daughter Leni.

Seal & Sam Worthington: Ellen June 19 2012 Preview

Seal tells Ellen about his divorce from Heidi Klum on Ellen June 19 2012. (Featureflash /


He’ll be on the show to tell Ellen all about his marital problems.

“I knew that I could come on here and be frank with you,” Seal says in the preview.

Ellen: Seal performs “Let’s Stay Together”

Ironically, despite his separation from Heidi, Seal will be performing the song “Let’s Stay Together.” The song was originally recorded by Al Green on his album Let’s Stay Together.


Ellen: Sam Worthington previews Man On A Ledge

Star of Avatar and Terminator Salvation, Sam Worthington will be a special guest on Ellen June 19 2012. He’ll be there to talk about his new movie Man On A Ledge. The film follows Sam‘s character, Nick Cassady, as he threatens to jump from the 21st floor of the Roosevelt Hotel. It was directed by Asger Leth.

Apparently Sam has led a rather fascinating life. Prior to successfully auditioning for James Cameron‘s smash hit Avatar, Sam was living in his car!

Ellen: Michael Strahan Super Bowl

Ellen‘s got a bone to pick with Michael Strahan. His former team, The New York Giants, for whom he played defensive end, took out Ellen‘s beloved Green Bay Packers on their way to The Super Bowl. In the preview, Ellen seems jokingly indignant.

“I picked who was going to go to The Super Bowl,” she said.

Then she showed a clip from a previous episode with Michael The audio of the clip was edited so that she told Michael that the Giants and the New England Patriots would make it to The Super Bowl, although that’s not what she actually said.

Since retiring from the NFL, Michael has kept busy as a commentator on FOX NFL Sunday.


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