Meryl Streep & Ricky Gervais: Ellen June 18 2012 Preview


Ellen June 18 2012

There is an amazing show planned for Ellen June 18 2012, so be sure to tune in!

Ellen: Meryl Streep The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep: Ellen June 18 2012

From The Iron Lady, actress Meryl Streep joins Ellen June 18 2012. (Featureflash /


Meryl Streep is am iconic actress and will be joining Ellen on Monday to talk about her role as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her film The Iron Lady. In preparation for the role, Meryl sat through a session of the British House of Commons so that she could understand how Prime Ministers work in real life.

She is also due to star in two other films. Hope Springs tells the story of a couple who seeks counseling after 30 years of marriage. It is due out in 2012. Limited information is available about August: Osage County, but it is supposedly about a family overcoming its differences after its alcoholic patriarch goes missing.

Ellen: Ricky Gervais Golden Globes

Hilarious comedian Ricky Gervais will be joining Ellen to talk about his experiences hosting the Golden Globe Awards for three years straight!


When he’s not hosting the Golden Globe Awards, Ricky keeps busy with the two shows he does, The Office and The Ricky Gervais show. He also starred in a movie that came out this year called Derek.

Ricky is an especially fascinating entertainer because writes and directs many of the films and TV shows that he appears in, including his hysterical movie The Invention of Lying. The film is a must-see. It takes place in a fictional universe in which humankind never evolved to understand dishonesty. Then Ricky’s character figures it out and all Hell breaks loose.

Ellen: Snow Patrol Performance

Snow Patrol will be stopping by to perform their hit “Called Out In the Dark,” off of their new album Fallen Empires. The band plays mostly alternative rock music and is from Northern Ireland.


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