Ellen: Zach Braff Oz the Great and Powerful & The Voice’s Chris Mann


Ellen February 27 2013 Preview

On Thursday, Ellen is hanging out with the talented Zach Braff and talking about his new film Oz the Great and Powerful. Plus, a performance from The Voice’s Chris Mann. Ellen is flying in four Australian fans that wore their underwear over their clothes for a chance to meet Ellen.

Ellen: Zach Braff Oz the Great and Powerful

Ellen: Zach Braff Oz the Great and Powerful & The Voice's Chris Mann

On February 28 2013, Zach Braff is talking about his new film Oz the Great and Powerful. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


After nine seasons on Scrubs, it was hard to see Zach Braff leave television. The guy love between Turk and J.D. was sad to leave behind. Luckily, Braff and Donald Faison are still best friends.

Since Scrubs Braff has had many prominent roles. He played opposite Natalie Portman in the successful and deep Garden StateSimilar to the Oscar nominated Silver Linings Playbook, Garden State centered on a mentally troubled man who meets a woman that changes his world.

Braff plays Frank in Oz the Great and Powerful, out March 8. It’s the highly anticipated prequel to The Wizard of Oz and has an all-star cast. Mila Kunis plays the Wicked Witch of the West and James Franco plays Oz.


Ellen: Chris Mann The Voice

Chris Mann came in fourth in the second season of The Voice and was a member of Team Christina. He’s coming to performing his new single, “Roads,” on February 28. It’s a beautiful and haunting song. While I like his voice it sounds a little bit like Kris Allen, David Archuleta and Michael Bublé. It will most likely do well because he’s going a strong voice and it’s well done. Fans of Andrea Boccelli will also enjoy Mann’s voice and style.

Ellen: Australian Rappers

On February 27 Ellen awarded four of her Australian viewers tickets to visit her in L.A. They had to wear underwear on the outside and do Ellen themed raps in public, but hey! They’re going to Ellen!


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