Ellen: Steven Tyler & Justified’s Timothy Olyphant


Ellen: Steven Tyler Interview

Ellen DeGeneres knows all about what it takes to be a judge on Fox’s reality competition American Idol. She’ll share her perspective with one of the recent additions to the panel, musician Steven Tyler, when he joins her on her March 30 2012 show.

Get the inside scoop on the new season of the popular show, and maybe learn the real reasons behind the Aerosmith star’s TV antics. Did you know that Aerosmith is gearing up for a summer tour this year?


Steven Tyler is crazy, and Ellen loves to play pranks and jokes, so there’s no telling what will go on between these two on the show. Do you think that Steven Tyler has the Moves Like Jagger? I find his wardrobe to be bizarre, almost in the vein of Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfits. He’s always in something I feel like a fashion forward grandmother would wear.

Ellen: Timothy Olyphant Interview

From the FX drama Justified, Timothy Olyphant will visit Ellen on March 30 2012. (Image Credit: Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock.com)

What do you think of the current season of American Idol? Are you still watching, or have you switched over to The Voice?


Ellen: Timothy Olyphant Interview

There’s something about Timothy Olyphant. He stars as lawman Raylan Givens in the compelling FX drama Justified, in which he plays a US Marshall fighting organized crime in his home state of Kentucky.

The show has been picking up steam and viewers thanks to its tense plotlines and well developed characters. Have you been watching this season or catching up on the DVDs from past years?

Find out the secrets from the set during the show’s third season, and why you should be watching one of the best dramas on TV, when Justified’s sexy star Timothy Olyphant drops by Ellen’s show on March 30 2012.

Ellen: Chris Young Performance

Fresh off winning the award for Favorite Artist at the recent Country Music Awards, Ellen welcomes musician Chris Young to perform on her show.

His latest hit is the song “You,” and he’ll be singing it for you and Ellen on her March 30 2012 show. Get ready for an always entertaining hour with Ellen and her guests, or catch the recap after the show to learn everything you missed, right here on Recapo.


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