Ellen Steve Harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame & Dr Neal Barnard Brain Food


Ellen May 24 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: This episode of Ellen has aired…

On May 24 2013, Ellen’s friend Steve Harvey stops by. Harvey hosts his own talk show, but he and Ellen like to pull pranks together. Ellen also welcomes Dr Neal Barnard, who tells us what foods will help preserve your mind. Then, Grizzly Bear, one of Ellen’s favorite bands, is giving a fan a special performance.


Ellen Steve Harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame & Dr Neal Barnard Brain Food

On May 24 2013 Ellen talks to Steve Harvey about his recent award on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Dr Neal Barnard gives brain food & memory tips & tricks. Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Steve Harvey Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

On his talk show, Steve Harvey likes to gives his guests tips, tricks and advice on pretty much anything. He enjoys giving dating advice most of all and has set up countless couple and written books on snagging your soul mate. Harvey also has a huge part in philanthropy. He’s started several youth programs aimed at helping teen boys succeed.

After giving advice, helping underprivileged youth and running the show on Family Feud, Steve Harvey earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ellen helped inaugurate his star on the sidewalk. On the May 24 episode, Ellen and Steve talk about their favorite moments from their friendship and the funniest hidden camera pranks they’ve pulled.


Dr Neal Barnard Brain Foods

Also on this episode, Ellen brings in Dr Neal Barnard to talk about some brain foods. What should you be snacking on in order to increase your memory. He has a special recipe that will  change the way you think, literally.

Dr Barnard’s new book, “Power Foods for the Brain,” gives you ways to keep memory loss, stroke and Alzheimer’s at bay. He has a three step plan that includes putting power foods to work, strengthening you brain and defeating memory threats.

Grizzly Bear Performs on Ellen

Grizzly Bear is one of Ellen’s favorite bands and they came about by a happy accident. Their first album was just a home recording project meant for friends. It was recorded on a hand-held tape recorder and the project made it’s way through New York’s underground music scene. Check back here on May 24 to find out what all the buzz is about this band.


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