Ellen: Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi & Josh Groban All That Echoes Review


Ellen February 14 2013 Preview

Happy Valentines Day, Love, Ellen! Ellen has two of her friends stopping by to celebrate the day. Sofia Vergara is the hilarious star of Modern Family and she is one of Ellen’s best friends. Mostly because they make fun of each other. Then Josh Groban is serenading us with a song from his new album. It’s an all-new, hilarious love fest on Ellen.

Ellen: Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi Commercial

Ellen: Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi & Josh Groban All That Echoes Review

On February 14 2013, Sofia Vergara and Ellen will make fun of each other and talk about Diet Pepsi. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Sofia Vergara is everywhere these days. She’s the hilarious and sexy Gloria on Modern FamilyShe’s a CoverGirl. Now, Vergara is the face of Diet Pepsi. She’s going to reveal details about the Diet Pepsi commercial she and Ellen are doing together.

In the past, Vergara has been a good sport and let Ellen do her makeup blind. Ellen also went as Sofia Vergara for Halloween one year. Well, I think the whole costume was Sofia Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction. It was pretty brilliant.

Ellen: Josh Groban All That Echoes Review

It’s safe to say he’s the voice of love. Josh Groban’s new album All That Echoes is already making women swoon. He’s got the voice of a Disney prince.


Groban has also started a career in acting. He played Emma Stone’s jerky boyfriend in Crazy, Stupid, LoveHe has played Andy Bernhard’s brother on The Office. He even played himself on two episodes of Glee. Groban plays the jerk very well, and then busts out an operatic love song and wins you back.

Ellen: Kick In The Kindness Week

Day four of Kick In The Kindness week will have Ellen giving another family a treat for their good deeds. She’s given away cameras, Australian vacations and Justin Bieber tickets. With the help of Shutterfly, they’ve given away over $400,000 in a week.

Tune in to an all-new Valentine’s-themed Ellen on February 14 2013.

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