Ellen: Selena Gomez World Tour 2013 & Sophia Grace & Rosie MTV Awards


Ellen April 16 2013 Preview

On April 16 2013, Ellen has a star-powered episode. Selena Gomez is talking about her new single “Come and Get It.” She has a big announcement for Ellen! Then, our favorite pint-sized princesses Sophia Grace and Rosie talk about their weekend at the MTV Movie Awards.

Ellen: Selena Gomez World Tour 2013 & Sophia Grace & Rosie MTV Awards

On April 16 2013, Ellen talks to Selena Gomez about her upcoming world tour and her new single, “Come and Get It.” (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Selena Gomez “Come and Get It”

Ellen sits down with the teen queen Selena Gomez. Selena captured hearts on Disney Channel’s original series Wizards of Waverly Place and has since been in several family movies. Selena wanted to break her squeaky clean Disney image with her role in Spring Breakers

You know? “SPRAAANG BREAAAAAAK FOREVER!” Yeah, that one.

Selena and Vanessa Hudgens wanted to branch out with the rather adult film about spring break. It’s not the movie that you want to let your tween daughter check out.


Selena’s new single “Come and Get It” is sure to be one of the hit summer songs. She’s making her big announcement on Ellen on April 16. Selena is going on a world tour this fall, which means we can expect a new album sometime soon.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie

After you’ve had your dose of the teen queen, get ready for the tween queens. Sophia Grace and Rosie are back from their MTV Movie Awards red carpet job and ready to talk about all the stars. They’re going to review the fashion and have some special interviews.

Last time the girls covered a red carpet, they had a candy bar and got to talk with some of the biggest names in music. We’ll get updates on what’s going on with Sophia Grace and Rosie. They wanted to have their own movie and a swimming pool by the end of the year. What will Ellen do next with her princess friends?


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