Ellen: Salma Hayek Chime For Change & Kellan Lutz End Of Twilight


Ellen March 5 2013 Preview

This Tuesday March 5 2013, Ellen has the talented and beautiful Salma Hayek talking about her newest beauty project. Human, turned vampire, and now human again, Kellan Lutz is talking about the final Twilight film now on DVD. Then we get a spring break performance from Luke Bryan.

Ellen: Salma Hayek Chime For Change

Ellen: Salma Hayek Chime For Change & Kellan Lutz End Of Twilight

Salma Hayek speaks out about women’s issues with her new movement, Chime For Change. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Before Sofia Vergara there was Salma Hayek. She’s proved she can transcend from dramas to comedies, Frida to Grown UpsShe’s one of Ellen’s good friends and a Hollywood treasure. Hayek will sit down with Ellen to talk about her latest beauty initiative.

Hayek, Beyoncé and Gucci’s Frida Giannini are teaming up for a global initiative, Chime For Change. These ladies are going to start a global movement to empower women and create a platform for women’s issues. She just announced the partnership, funded by Gucci, last week and another formal announcement will follow in mid-March. It won’t be long before Ellen throws her hat into the Chime For Change ring.

Ellen: Kellan Lutz Life After Twilight

Although vampires are supposed to live for eternity, Kellan Lutz’s run as a vampire is over. The wildly popular Twilight series rocked the world for years, so what will Lutz do now? He’ll certainly be maintaining his six-pack, which always has Ellen’s crowd going wild.


Lutz has had stints on several sitcoms and television shows. He played himself as Lutz’s nephew on 30 Rock and became a running joke on the series. He also did a brief stint on 90210 back when he was dating AnnaLynne McCord. I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually settled down on a steady crime drama. Kellan Lutz as a good cop or bad cop would be thrilling.

Ellen: Luke Bryan Spring Break

One of Ellen’s favorite country stars, Luke Bryan is performing a song from his new album, Spring Break … Here to PartyThe album drops on March 5 2013,


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