Ellen: Russell Brand FX’s Brand X & Wolfgang Puck Academy Award Dinner


Ellen February 21 2013

Notorious for his raunchy humor, Russell Brand will tell Ellen about his new, equally raunchy show Brand X. Then, Wolfgang Puck is preparing an Oscar-worthy feast for Ellen February 21 2013.

Ellen: Russell Brand FX's Brand X & Wolfgang Puck Academy Award Dinner

Russell Brand will be on Ellen February 21 2013 to talk about his FX series, Brand X. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Russell Brand Brand X 

Although he had a career long before he got married, Russell Brand will always be Katy Perry’s husband to me. Am I the only one that thought they were a perfect couple? Before Perry, Brand was just a dirty and perverted British dude. After Perry he was still all those things, but his wife was a walking Halloween candy bag. They evened each other’s weird out.

Brand made a huge splash in America when he hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2008. He told Americans they would be stupid not to elect President Obama, which was met with equal cheers and scoffs. He went on to woo ladies in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and reprised his punk rock character in Get Him To The Greek. Although he is known for his raunchiness, Brand did an excellent job in Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories, giving him a fan base of kids, teens and parents.

Brand’s newest project, Brand X, airs Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. on FX. He takes a live audience and sounds off about current events. He takes his upfront humor and gives it to you straight. As a Brit, Brand does a great job at making fun of Americans. He’ll bring his humor to Ellen on Thursday February 21 2013.


Ellen: Wolfgang Puck Oscar Feast

Wolfgang Puck prepares the meals for the Governor’s Ball at the Oscars. The celebrated chef is going to whip up a fabulous meal for Ellen and her audience. Tune in for a taste of the Oscars!

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