Ellen: Rob Lowe Takes on Liberace & Alex O’Laughlin Hawaii Five-O


Ellen May 17 2013 Preview

Recapo update: This episode of Ellen has aired…

On May 17 2013, Ellen talks to two of Hollywood’s leading men. From Parks and Recreation, Rob Lowe is in the building. He’s talking about Behind the Candelabra, the story of Liberace. Also, from Hawaii Five-O Alex O’Loughlin brings stories from the set and what’s going on in his personal life.


Ellen: Rob Lowe Takes on Liberace & Alex O'Laughlin Hawaii Five-O

On May 17 2013, Ellen talks to the acting chameleon, Rob Lowe, about his diverse roles. Alex O’Loughlin gets grilled on Australia and Hawaii Five-O. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Rob Lowe: From Parks & Rec To Liberace

Rob Lowe is an acting chameleon. He’s played comedy roles, like Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, to dramatic parts, such as Drew Peterson. No matter what the role, Lowe is sure to please and make it believable. We can’t help but swoon at this ageless A-Lister.

His newest film is HBO’s Behind the Candelabra, the story of Liberace (Michael Douglas) and his young lover (Matt Damon). Lowe plays the sinister-sounding Dr Jack Startz, the plastic surgeon that manipulated Scott Thorson and transformed him to look like his lover. This was all Liberace’s request. The HBO film is based on Thorson’s memoir and goes from the moment he crossed paths with Liberace all through their tumultuous relationship.


You won’t even recognize Rob Lowe’s face in the film, airing May 26 on HBO.

Alex O’Loughlin: Living In Australia and Filming In Hawaii

Ellen is going to be thrilled to have Alex O’Loughlin on her couch. I guarantee that before their conversation gets going Ellen says, “So you’re from Australia? I went there recently.” It’s almost the new tag line of her show. She might have it on t-shirts by now.

All joking aside, Ellen will grill O’Loughlin on what’s up with Hawaii Five-OI want to know, does he prefer Australia or Hawaii? He can surf in both places and Hawaii doesn’t have poisonous spiders. Then again, Hawaii doesn’t have kangaroos.

Tune in to this episode for Rob Lowe’s amazing transformation and more plugs for Qantas Airlines and Swisse Multivitamins.

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