Ellen: Polished Girlz Alanna Wall & Ellie Kemper The Office Season 9


Ellen March 4 2013 Preview

Ellen Monday, March 4 2013 is going to be adorable! The hilarious and stunning Ellie Kemper will stop by to talk about being married and the end of The OfficeThen, young and rising star Rico Rodriguez catches up with Ellen about her favorite TV show, Modern FamilyDon’t miss Ellen’s interview with Alanna Wall, a young girl from Dayton, Ohio who started a program to lift the spirits of sick kids.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper The Office  

Ellen: Polished Girlz Alanna Wall & Ellie Kemper The Office Season 9

On March 4 2013, Ellie Kemper dishes about the final season of The Office and being a newlywed. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


It’s hard to say goodbye to a cast of characters after a long and successful run. I only just got over Scrubsand I’m going to be reeling from 30 Rock for the next 10 years. Now we have to say farewell to The Office. While I haven’t been a steady viewer since Jim and Pam got married, The Office has been a comedy staple in the world for years.

My favorite character was a toss up between Kelly Kapoor and Erin, played by Ellie Kemper. She came to The Office as a virtual unknown, but has since worked her way into our hearts and is here to stay. She was utterly fantastic in Bridesmaids and has a small, but hilarious, part in Identity ThiefAlthough The Office has run it’s course, we can all rest easier knowing that Ellie Kemper is only going up from here.

Ellen: Rico Rodriguez Modern Family 

Another comedic star on the rise, Rico Rodriquez, is telling Ellen about growing up on Modern Family. America is in love with this dysfunctional, but realistic, portrayal of the modern family. Rico plays Manny, the son of Sofia Vergara and stepson of Ed O’Neill. Manny can be pretty high maintenance and with a new baby around it will be interesting to see how he reacts.


Ellen: Alanna Wall Polished Girlz

This girl is amazing. Even though we reign from the same hometown (represent, Dayton!), I first heard of Alanna on Disney Channel’s Make Your Mark. She travels to different children’s hospitals with groups of volunteers and paints patients’ nails. Her non-profit organization, Polished Girlz, is now a country-wide movement. She trains and takes her team to The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton to paint nails and brighten spirits. It’s a fantastic movement started by a hometown hero! Can’t wait to see you on Ellen Monday, Alanna!

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