Ellen: Nicole Richie & Jennie Garth


Ellen: Nicole Richie Interview

In all the media hubbub about nepotism this week, the psuedo-celebrity reality stars seem to have escaped notice. That includes Nicole Richie, who somehow managed to parlay a famous father and high profile best friend into a fashion career.

Now she is a mentor on the NBC reality competition Fashion Star, which at least has the innovative twist of allowing viewers to buy its fashion designs in stores the day after each episode airs. That reminds me: is Jessica Simpson ever going to have her baby?


Ellen: Nicole Richie Fashion

Fashion Star mentor Nicole Richie will give Ellen fashion advice on her April 20 2012 episode. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Nicole Richie is talking to Ellen about the show, her career, and how she managed to escape Paris Hilton’s shadow. (When is the last time you heard that name?) It’s all coming up on the April 20 2012 episode, and Ellen might even run a few of her own crazy designs by Nicole.

Ellen: Jennie Garth Interview

Ellen DeGeneres must be saving all her A-list guests for May Sweeps. How else do we explain that Jennie Garth is sitting down with her on Earth Day, April 20 2012? Apparently she is throwing her cowboy hat in the rodeo ring of ubiquitous celebrity reality TV shows. Her entry is called Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, and it’s airing on CMT.


I’m interested in this just for the explanation of how she decided to relocate from 90210 to a farm. Also, how is this related to her recent high profile separation from longtime husband and fellow actor Peter Facinelli?

If anyone can gently get to the bottom of these important questions, it’s Ellen DeGeneres, and here’s hoping she doesn’t avoid the real topics when chatting with these reality stars on April 20 2012.

Ellen: Director Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac used to produce Hollywood blockbuster comedies. But he had some pivotal life changes that caused him to make some dramatic changes, and now he spends his time focusing on documentaries about life’s big questions.

His latest project, Happy, explores that popular word, what it means to people, and how they experience it in their lives. He’ll open up about that with Ellen, and maybe she’ll tell us what makes her happy (I’d guess dancing).

Don’t miss an all new Ellen for Earth Day, April 20 2012. If you want to know more about what happened on the show, get full details on Recapo after it airs.


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