Ellen: Nicki Minaj Reunites With Sophia Grace & Rosie


Ellen: Guest Nicki Minaj

The hair, the voice, the moves…Nicki Minaj has it all, and hopefully she’s bringing it with her. That’s because the international music superstar is landing on Ellen’s show for her May 10 2012 episode.

Get ready for an all new hour full of fun and surprises with Ellen and Nicki Minaj. The singer will be performing from her latest release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and with her recent success, she’s sure to stay at the top of her game. You won’t want to miss her electrifying performance on the next all new episode of Ellen.


Do you have a favorite Nicki Minaj song? I think she has such a unique singing voice, and it’s so catchy. Sometimes I can’t get her songs out of my head, and I’m sure that’s bound to be a problem after I hear her perform on Ellen’s show this week.

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Returns

It's happening again...superstar Nicki Minaj is reuniting with her pint sized heroes, Sophia Grace & Rosie, on Ellen's May 10 2012 episode, so don't miss it.

Find out what she sings and where you can download it at Recapo after Thursday’s televised Nicki Minaj performance. Don’t miss out on another Ellen music event.


Ellen DeGeneres: Sophia Grace & Rosie

Who was your favorite singer when you were nine years old? Can you imagine not only learning their songs and performing them for an international audience, but also getting to meet them in person? That’s exactly what happened to Sophia Grace Brownlee the last time she encountered her hero, Nicki Minaj, on Ellen’s show.

There’s no telling what will happen when these two get together again on the all new Thursday May 10 2012 episode. Sophia Grace and her Hype Girl, Rosie, will get to reconnect with their pop idol, and maybe she’ll even teach them one of her new songs, or sit down for tea.

I just hope that Rosie has learned a new joke since her Tea Time With Hugh Grant. There are only two ways to find out. You can watch Ellen’s show and see for yourself. Or if you don’t have time to see it on TV, you could check the recaps after the broadcast for a full report on this energetic, emotional episode.


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