Ellen: Mother’s Day Special & Giveaways


Ellen: Mother’s Day Special

When you think of iconic celebrity relationships between parents and children, who comes to mind? Maybe it’s the multigenerational families of actors, such as Kirk and Michael Douglas or Meryl Streep and her daughter Mamie Gummer. But when it comes to daytime TV, there’s Ellen DeGeneres and her mother, Betty.

These two have always shared a special bond, and Betty DeGeneres told her side of the story in her memoir, Love, Ellen. Maybe that’s part of the reason that Mother’s Day holds such a special place in Ellen’s heart. At any rate, she’s celebrating the occasion again this year with a special episode on Friday May 11 2012. (Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13 2012, so you still have time to get a last minute gift or card if you need to.)


Ellen: Mother's Day Special

Ellen is making countless new moms very happy with the giveaways and prizes on her upcoming show.

Ellen: Mother’s Day Giveaways

It’s a huge day for first time moms, and the audience is filled with expectant mothers. Could there be a surprise special delivery during Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show taping? They’re not taking any chances, with paramedics standing by in case any of the moms gets overly excited.

Why would they do that? Because Ellen is sharing the love with a whole lot of new mommy giveaways designed to get these ladies ready for the biggest arrivals of their lives. See all the great gifts they’ll be getting, and find out where you can get them yourself. If you can’t watch the show, or want to know where to get the awesome gifts you saw, just visit Recapo after the show for a full report.


Ellen: Celebrity Parents & Mother’s Day

Ellen is also inviting some famous friends to help her celebrate this special occasion. She’ll be talking to a new celebrity mom, Hilary Duff, about what it’s been like learning to be a new mom while continuing to navigate her moment in the spotlight.

Plus, new father of twins Nick Cannon is back, just days before his summer reality series America’s Got Talent returns to NBC. What will he tell everyone about seeing his wife Mariah Carey in her latest starring role, as mom?

Call your mom and watch an all new Ellen, May 11 2012.



  1. says

    Hi Ellen, My wife and kids make me watch your show!!! We have a couple at our work (Australian International school) we work at in Dubai who are due to have twins. I would like to enter her name to be in your mothers day audience as they are a great couple and helped us out, as did the rest of our school community when my daughter was sick recently. I know this is a long shot especially being in another country but I think it is worth the effort as they are amazing people who would benefit greatly for any help with upcoming twins. Cheers Ellen Wade Lunt

  2. Pam Shields says

    I just found the actual Mother’s Day giveaway site. However, I just sent my story in on the ‘someone in need’ form. Please refer to that when reviewing the Mother’s Day giveaways. Thank you!!

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