Ellen Mother’s Day: Shakira’s Baby Milan & Bethenny Frankel Talk Show


Ellen May 10 2013 Preview

On May 10 2013, Ellen’s biggest show of the year is here. Ellen loves nothing more than her mama. Friday is Ellen’s big Mother’s Day episode. The audience is full of first time mommies and they are going to get the newest, trendiest baby things from Ellen. It’s the world’s biggest baby shower and new mommy Shakira is stopping by. Then, Bethenny Frankel is back to talk about her new reality show and her baby Bryn.

Ellen Mother's Day: Shakira's Baby Milan & Bethenny Frankel Talk Show

On May 10 2013, Ellen celebrates Mother’s Day with Hollywood mommies Shakira and Bethenny Frankel. Ellen gives away some of the hottest baby items. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Shakira on The Voice & Baby Milan

Shakira is a show stopper. She’s not only toured the world with her hip shaking music, she’s now a judge and mentor on The VoiceWhile music was Shakira’s first love, the biggest thing in her life is now baby Milan. Just a few months ago, the Latin pop sensation gave birth to Milan and used her pregnancy to give back to other moms. She and fiance Gerard Pique hosted a UNICEF baby shower and asked fans to donate money and gifts to babies around the world.

Bethenny Frankel On Mommyhood & New Talk Show

Anyone else thinking that we will never live to see an episode of Bethenny? I think it’s high time that this show aired, or Ellen makes the Real Housewife co-host. She’s on here at least once a month.

But really, we love Bethenny and her Skinny Girl drinks. On May 10, unfortunately the audience can’t sample any. Bethenny will bring Mother’s Day anecdotes and mommy-themed goodies for the expectant guests.


Ellen’s Mother’s Day Episode

Every year, Ellen gives moms the newest and best products out there. It’s all to thank these women for giving their lives to their kids and sacrificing their bodies to bring the screaming, pooping bundles of joy into the world. I’m sure they’re all hoping for a post-birth spa service and babysitting certificates.



  1. cheryl says

    Ellen’s 2013 mothers days show was strange!!!No baby cribs, no Toys R Us gift cards, no baby monitors no diaper genie.. But 300.00 crock gift cards and 250.00 starbucks gift cards???? Really????Did you get new staff that did not know how to procure BABY ITEMS? They need to be fired or demoted. I love the ellen show and love Ellen. She is such a kind person but really? For the tenth year you have someone who obviously does not or never had an infant procure these strange things. I am certain that everyone is thankful for what they got but come on, this years mother’s days show was a disappointment. They should contact everyone who was there and give them some real baby items. Crocks? Really? Isnt that the same company that was bankrupt? How many people need crocks for infants? Thats all they could get someone to donate? Was this a P,A. trying their hand? If so, it shows… I am a 65 yr old grandma and I WAS DISAPPOINTED.

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