Ellen: Megan Fox, Bethenny Frankel & Eddie Redmayne


Ellen December 19 2012 Preview

It’s sure to be an interesting Ellen December 19 2012, as the preview says there’s a really big surprise in store for us. I wonder what it could be? Plus, actress Megan Fox, talk show host Bethenny Frankel and actor Eddie Redmayne will be on.

Ellen: Megan Fox This is 40 & New Baby

Ellen: Megan Fox, Eddie Redmayne & Bethenny Frankel

Megan Fox will be on Ellen tomorrow to talk about her new baby and her new movie, “This is 40.” (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


After Transformers came out in 2007, there wasn’t a household in America who didn’t know Megan Fox’s name. She followed it up with Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Jennifer’s Body, and now she’s stopping by Ellen to talk about her new movie, This is 40.

The new movie is said in the previews to be the sort of sequel to Knocked Up, as some of the characters from that movie continue on in this movie. As a guy who loves Judd Apatow movies, I’m pretty pumped to see what Megan Fox has to say about it.

Ellen: Eddie Redmayne Les Miserables

He was one of the stars of My Week with Marilyn opposite Michelle Williams and now he’s in the new movie, Les Miserables. With each actor from that movie who drops by Ellen, I get more and more excited for it. It’s sure to be an excellent film and already has some Oscar buzz behind it. Let’s see what Eddie Redmayne has to say tomorrow!


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel New Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel and Ellen DeGeneres are old friends. Tomorrow, she talks with Ellen about her show returning to TV and Ellen’s website promises her appearance will add some spiciness to Ellen’s show. Actually, they say tomorrow’s show will be “smoking hot.” So look forward to some sauciness tomorrow on Ellen!


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