Ellen May 29 2012 Preview: Vince Vaughn, Bethenny Frankel, Kat Graham


Ellen: Vince Vaughn The Watch

Ellen May 29 2012: Vince Vaughn

The Ellen May 29 2012 episode features a chat with Vince Vaughn about his summer movie "The Watch." (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

The Ellen May 29 2012 show is going to include a sitdown with Vince Vaughn to talk about his new movie The Watch. The movie features Vince costarring with comedic actors Jonah Hill, and Ben Stiller. It tells the hilariously crass tale of four friends who discover that aliens are secretly invading Earth and assuming human form as they infiltrate society.


After Vince gives Ellen the inside scoop about the film, it seems he and Ellen play a hilarious game of word association.

“A crab,” Ellen says.

“Undesirables in a Speedo,” Vince quips.


Ellen: Bethenny Frankel New Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel has a new daytime talk show that Ellen is producing! Bethenny will be on Ellen to tell her all about her new show. From the sound of it, it’s very real and personal.

“I might say to you, ‘would you sleep with your boss to get a promotion,” Bethenny says to Ellen.

“How do you think I got this job?” Ellen quips.

Bethenny will also talk about her new book, Skinnydipping: A Novel. The novel is supposed to be very saucy and a review by NYDailyNews.com called the novel “A thinly veiled memoir packaged as a light beach read.”

Ellen: Kat Graham “Put Your Graffiti on Me”

Kat Graham got her start on the series The Vampire Diaries and is now becoming a very popular singer. She has a new hit single called “Put Your Graffiti on Me” and will be performing it for Ellen! According to AceShowBiz.com, Kat told E! News “The song is basically about owning yourself sexually and allowing yourself to be owned too.”

Ellen May 29 2012: Funny Baby Pictures

Ellen has a bunch of baby pictures that are sure to make you laugh. In the episode preview, she shows a picture of a baby that looks very frustrated.

“He’s only a month old but it looks like it was a rough month,” Ellen says.


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