Ellen: Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Kitsch & Lisa Jarmon


Ellen: Kate Beckinsale

If you’re going to reboot a popular film franchise, it helps to cast attractive and popular leads. Ergo, Kate Beckinsale is joining Colin Farrell in the upcoming reboot of Total Recall.

Ellen: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale talks Total Recall with Ellen on May 14 2012. (cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com)


She’s also joining Ellen on May 14 2012 for an interview about one of the summer’s most anticipated new movies. Maybe Ellen can find out how much beauty rest Kate Beckinsale is getting to maintain her stunning looks.

You’ll have to tune in for Monday’s interview to find out for yourself. DVR it now, or bookmark Recapo so you can read about it later.

Ellen: Taylor Kitsch

He broke hearts as a troubled Texan for five years in the critically acclaimed TV drama Friday Night Lights. Now Taylor Kitsch has his sights set on the silver screen. This winter, he led the Disney action drama John Carter. Now, he’s taking on another buzzed about project.


Taylor Kitsch is one of the stars of the new movie Battleship, based on the board game Battleship. Will 2012 be Taylor Kitsch’s breakthrough year? The Canadian is telling Ellen all about his busy schedule these days, when he talks to her on Monday May 14.

Ellen: Lisa Jarmon Home Revealed

For months, Ellen has been planning the surprise and charting the course for one of her favorite viewers, Lisa Jarmon. Ellen is building her a new house, with help from KB Home.

The big day is finally here, and Lisa will get to see her finished house for the first time. You know Ellen’s cameras are going along for this climactic Ellen Show event. If you’ve ever seen any of Lisa’s many appearances on Ellen’s show, you know she has some dramatic reactions.

But I bet we’ll see a whole new side of Lisa when the surprises are all unveiled during the big reveal of her new KB Home. It’s all happening on the May 14 2012 episode of Ellen, as the show counts down to is big 1500th episode next week.

Have the tissues ready so you can laugh and cry along with Ellen and her guests all week long. You don’t want to miss it.


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