Ellen: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfieffer & Flo Rida


Ellen: Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfieffer

In nine years, it seems like Johnny Depp would’ve gotten around to chatting with Ellen DeGeneres by now. But it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s going to make Ellen Show history when he sits down with her on the May 8 2012 episode.

He is in the new movie Dark Shadows, and his beatiful co-star Michelle Pfeiffer is talking about the movie with Ellen as well. Set your DVRs for this big daytime TV event.


Ellen: Johnny Depp Debut

She may be shy about her personal life, but Eva Mendes wasn't afraid to show Ellen her competitive side. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Johnny Depp fans know he’s been through many looks and classic roles through the decades. Now he’s the lead in this adaptation of the classic supernatural soap Dark Shadows. He and Michelle Pfeiffer are telling Ellen all about it on her next episode.

Ellen: Chloe Grace Moretz Interview

After playing Hit Girl in the action movie Kick-Ass (is that like a Hype Girl?), Chloe Grace Moretz is taking on another classic role in a remake of the Stephen King thriller Carrie. This is one of those universal stories that can’t stop being remade. Maybe Chloe can explain what we can look forward to in her take on the performance, which is hopefully a fresh interpretation. That interview is also part of the jam packed May 8 2012 episode of Ellen’s show.


Ellen: Alison Sweeney Jenga Rematch

TV viewers know her from Days Of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser. Ellen fans know her from one of the show’s biggest controversies of the season. Alison & Ellen’s Jenga Game was a fiasco that has spawned countless Letters & Complaints. Finally, the two women are getting a rematch on the May 8 2012 episode, and hopefully this time it’s a fair fight. Find out for yourself in this all new episode.

Ellen: Flo Rida Performance

It’s bound to be one of the most played songs of the summer. Ellen welcomes Flo Rida to her stage for an Ellen performance of the hit song “Wild Ones.” You won’t want to miss this special, overstuffed episode of Ellen’s show.

Set your DVR or check back to Recapo on May 8 2012 for the full debriefing on everything you missed.


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