Ellen: Jessica Alba, Scott Caan & Pauly D


Ellen: Jessica Alba Interview

Jessica Alba is beautiful and busy. As a mother of two and a working actress, she is always juggling a full schedule. How does she keep up with it all? Somehow she is squeezing in an appearance on Ellen, Tuesday May 1 2012. Get ready for her to share her insider secrets and tell you how you can benefit from what she’s learned.

Plus, have you heard about her charity work to help other parents? Learn about The Honest Company and what she is doing to help other children as well as her own. Find out how you can get involved when Jessica Alba visits Ellen.


Ellen May 1 2012 Jessica Alba

From TV & movies to motherhood & activism, Ellen welcomes Jessica Alba on May 1 2012. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Scott Caan Interview

Scott Caan has been steaming up TV screens as a detective in the tropical TV drama Hawaii Five-0, and now he’s telling Ellen what it’s like to work in paradise. Find out what’s in store as the popular show wraps up its current season, and what’s next on the agenda for the actor.

He’ll also be talking to Ellen about his new play, No Way Around But Through. Find out why this is such a personal passion project for Scott Caan and how you can see it for yourself. That’s coming up on the next all new Ellen, airing May 1 2012, so set your DVR now. Can’t watch the show? Check Recapo after it airs and get a full report on what you missed.


Ellen: DJ Pauly D

From the Jersey Shore to his own spinoff, Pauly D has been busy in recent years. He’s coming to Ellen’s show to reveal his countless tattoos and maybe pick up a new one. Plus, find out how he is going to guest DJ for the day. Will Ellen send Tony packing?

There are so many questions, like what Pauly D is going to do after his 15 minutes of fame expire. I don’t know if you saw Joe Millionaire on the recent Fox reunion, but he is not aging well. Watch Pauly D enjoy the spoils of his own reality TV fame on Ellen’s May 1 2012 show.


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