Ellen: Jessica Alba Guacamole Beauty Secret & Scott Foley Scandal


Ellen March 11 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now available…

The only person that can beat a case of the Mondays into submission is Ellen DeGeneres  I have a feeling her weapon of choice would be a a boomerang, since she’s kind of heading to Australia in a week. This Monday March 11 2013, Ellen is getting beauty secrets from Jessica Alba. Scott Foley is dropping Scandalous secrets everywhere. Ellen’s underwear model is playing an office prank and someone is winning a trip to Australia.


Ellen: Jessica Alba “The Honest Life”

Ellen: Jessica Alba Guacamole Beauty Secret & Scott Foley Scandal

On March 11 2013, Ellen has Jessica Alba smearing beauty enhancing gunk on her staffers. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Jessica Alba is known for her acting, but I think her greatest work is her two adorable girls. Honor and Haven. They are two of the cutest kids in Hollywood and she takes her mommy role very seriously. Her new book The Honest Life was inspired by becoming a new mom and living a healthy, clean life. She’s sharing her secrets with Ellen and putting them to practice on a poor girl.

These are tips you’ll want to use at home, when no one else is around. It looks like Alba is smearing a gunky, chunky scrub on the model. Is that guacamole in her hair? What a waste of good avocado. However, if it’s going to reduce frizz and make hair more manageable, I might be persuaded to smear my snack on my hair.


Ellen: Scott Foley Scandal

Scott Foley plays Captain Jake Ballard on ABC’s Scandal. He’s stopping by Ellen to drop secrets straight from the White House set on this season.

Foley got his start on Felicity and a few episodes of my favorite teen drama, Dawson’s Creek. He’s had regular roles on the top shows on television, including House, M.D, True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy. 

Ellen: Gluteus Mikesimus

What is Ellen’s underwear model up to now? Well, he’s traipsing around the lot in nothing but his skivvies. OK, nothing abnormal about that. Gluteus Mikesimus goes into an office and starts playing pranks on the workers. What could go wrong when there’s a buff, purple heart veteran in underwear running around? Only Ellen knows.


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