Ellen: Jason Biggs, Colbie Caillat & Common


Ellen: Jason Biggs Interview

The first time you saw actor Jason Biggs on the big screen was probably when he had an awkward encounter with a pie. From that embarrassing scenario to a career in comedy and movies, Jason Biggs has been enjoying Hollywood success ever since.

Now, 13 years after the original movie, Jason Biggs and his American Pie cast mates reunited for a fourth movie. Everyone is back for American Reunion, and Ellen DeGeneres will find out what has changed in the years since everyone last saw each other.


Ellen: Common & Colbie Caillat

Musician Common is teaming with Colbie Caillat for a new duet called "Favorite Song." (Image Credit: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)

Jason Biggs will give Ellen the inside scoop on the big sequel, and talk about what it was like to get back together with the gang, when he visits her show on April 6 2012. Set your DVR to see what the comedy actor has been up to since we saw him last.

Read about Seann William Scott in American Reunion.


Ellen: Colbie Caillat & Common

If you’re looking for a new tune, maybe Colbie Caillat and Common will have the answer for you when they perform on Ellen’s upcoming April 6 2012 show. They have worked on a new song together, and it’s called “Favorite Song.” Find out what inspired them to work together, and what both of them have been working on, besides this new duet.

It seems like duets are becoming popular again, which is an interesting musical trend. Recently, Ellen featured a duet between country legends Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw. Plus, the duo talked to Ellen about their Brothers of the Sun Summer Tour.

Also, Lionel Richie’s New Album is all about country duet versions of his popular hits. That’s a creative way to do a best of album.

Add Colbie Caillat and Common to the list of 2012 duet partners that are adding up fast, and see them on Ellen’s April 6 2012 show.

Ellen: Tim Salaz YouTube Dancer

Earlier this week, Ellen was scheduled to have Tim Salaz, the dancer she and her staff discovered on YouTube. Even though he didn’t make it on the show the other day, he is coming back on the Friday April 6 2012 episode to show Ellen some of his moves.

Don’t miss the dancer everyone will be talking about after his Ellen Show performance.


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