Ellen in Sydney Australia: Russell Crowe & Know or Go in Sydney Harbor


Ellen DeGeneres June 12 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: This episode of Ellen has aired…

It’s been over two months since Ellen returned from her long trip in Australia. On June 12 2013, she’s taking us back through the best parts of her trip to Sydney and Melbourne. Ellen set up shop in Sydney Harbor to host some live shows and she was received warmly by the locals. They treated her like a queen and Ellen showed them all of her love.


Ellen in Sydney Australia: Russell Crowe & Know or Go in Sydney Harbor

Ellen Degeneres June 12 2013. Ellen shows off the footage from her adventures in Sydney, Australia. Russell Crowe makes a surprise appearance. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen DeGeneres Visits Australia

Ellen really is in love with Australia. She built up the event and sent so many of her fans on trips, courtesy of Qantas and Swisse. Ellen wanted to visit the places where her wife, Portia de Rossi, grew up. Most importantly, Ellen wanted to see the animals. She showed pictures of koalas and kangaroos for weeks because she was so excited. On June 12, we’ll finally get to see the animals she met on her trip.

Ellen Searches for Down Under Underwear Model

During her trip, Ellen met hopefuls for her Down Under Underwear Model contest. She picked one from Sydney and one from Melbourne to come to the states and compete to be her Australian underwear model. Gluteus Mikesimus was in need of a friend, so she found plenty of speedo clad gents jumping to fill the position.


Russell Crowe Crashes Ellen’s Show in Sydney Harbor

While in Australia, Ellen didn’t just meet the local flora and fauna. She invited the local celebrities out for some fun. Russell Crowe came to Ellen’s show in Sydney Harbor. The Australian native was in between gigs, starring in Les Miserables and Man of Steel. See what silliness he and Ellen got up to on June 12.

Ellen Plays Know or Go in Sydney Harbor

Ellen’s favorite game from home came to Sydney. Know or Go, the game where you either know the answer or take a tumble, was perched over the water in Sydney Harbor. In between boating trips with Portia and Momma DeGeneres, Ellen played rounds with the people that came out to see her live show. The drop was a little more than the usual.

Check back tomorrow to see all of Ellen’s Australian antics.


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