Ellen: Hugh Grant & iLuminate Performance


Ellen: Hugh Grant Interview

He’s the British actor with unstoppable charm. Now he’s back in America to talk all about his latest movie. Hugh Grant is making a stop at The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 27 2012. Don’t miss his chat with her about what he’s been up to since we last saw him on movie screens.

Plus, learn about the new dimensions he’s taking on for his upcoming role in the animated film The Pirates: Band Of Misfits. Maybe he can give Ellen some tips on getting a green light for Finding Nemo 2, after all these years.


Ellen: Hugh Grant Interview

Ellen DeGeneres talks to Hugh Grant about his new animated movie on April 27 2012. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

You never know what he’s going to say or if he has any more shocking stories from his past to unearth, so tune in on Friday April 27 2012 to see how things play out for Hugh Grant and Ellen.

Ellen: iLuminate Performance

Lighting effects and entertainment sometimes don’t sound like they’re the most entertaining. But one group is making sure we are wowed by their visual effects. Don’t miss a performance by the uniquely talented iLuminate, who are making Ellen’s whole set glow in the dark. This one is not to be missed, and it’ll put you in a great mood for the weekend.


It’s coming up on the next all new episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so set your DVR now. Plus, bookmark Recapo so you never miss a single segment of Ellen and your other favorite talk shows. Stay tuned and stay logged on so you’re always in the loop on entertainment and health news.

Ellen: Viewer Surprises

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to end the week on a positive note. She is unveiling a huge surprise for a lucky family of viewers. Could it be the unveiling of that house she’s renovating with HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins? Or is it something else altogether, that will completely take us all by surprise?

You won’t want to miss Ellen’s huge reveal on the April 27 2012 show. Plus, set your Facebook to private, because Ellen is digging up more embarrassing photos of her audience members. There’s something for everyone on the last new Ellen of the week.


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